How Depinder Chhibber Gave Chicken 65 a Twist

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Depinder Chhibber, a Masterchef Australia participant, took the world by surprise with her cooking creativity. The Indian-based chef has been the talk of the town due to her unique fusion of recipes.

She took the culinary challenge to another level when she gave the chicken 65, a South India recipe, the perfect twist. Read on to know how Depinder boosted her cooking using the best cooktops.
The Indian Influence
The Indian-origin contestant Depinder Chhibber introduced a new cooking wave on season 13 of Australia Masterchef. Depinder Chhibber excited many with her Indian classic recipes. She started her cooking journey with Punjabi food such as Tandoori chicken and Punjabi Chole.

The judges loved her cooking creativity as she gradually elevated from just Indian dishes to international meals like Bento box and Thai green curry cake. Depinder also tried her luck in south Indian delicacies where she prepared spicy Chicken 65 with instant noodles but gave it a special touch.
What’s Unique About Chicken 65?
Not many can get creative enough to make spicy Chicken 65 with instant noodles and give it a unique spin. She gave the dish a fusion spin by combining it with the finest South Indian cuisine and oriental food in one dish, which was remarkable.

Chhibbers unique style of cooking, the crunchy texture, and the taste of the food she made impressed the judges, and one Australian Masterchef judge called it a “showstopper.”
How Did She Prepare It?
Let’s face it, most of us, when coating marinated chicken, use flour, but Depinder Chhibber is different. This Masterchef contestant used crushed instant noodles that gave the chicken a distinctive crispy texture, impressing all the judges.

As the name suggests, spicy chicken 65 is a dry, spicy dish made with multiple ingredients, like curry leaves and chilli. The addition of the crushed instant noodles was a challenge, but Depinder Chhibber pulled it off majestically.

When the Australian judge, Andy Allen, asked Chhibber what she had cooked, Depinder explained that the delicacy originated from Chennai—a crispy boneless chicken inserted in tomato tamarind with sweet sauce.

Depinder went on to elaborate on how she used instant noodles to coat the chicken. “That’s one of the best-fried chicken I could ever imagine eating—it’s magical,” Said Jock Zonfrillo, a Scottish celebrity chef and TV presenter.
What Cookware Is Used on Masterchef Australia?
There is a combination of high-quality cookware used on Masterchef Australia. While it’s unclear the specific brand they use, you can still check out some of the best cooktops we sell from our store. However, Masterchef takes pride in the IQ collection for its fantastic heat distribution. As a result, Scanpan’s cookware can serve any kitchen and any budget.
Why Masterchef Australia Remains the Best
I’ve watched Masterchef US, Australia, UK, and India, but Masterchef Australia still stands out. From the quality of recipes, the competitive nature of contestants to the stature of judges and the way they conduct themselves is levels above the other Masterchef competitions.

Even though IMDB does not influence viewers’ perception, it still gives a reasonable valuation on how viewers perceive movies and TV shows. For example, IMDB Australia is rated highly at 8.2, unlike the US, rated 7.3. These ratings speak volumes on how people across the world highly rank Australian Masterchef.


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