How to Build a Designer Apartment Kitchens in Australia on a Budget

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It’s easy to assume that only people who earn a fortune can afford gorgeous apartment kitchens. 

After all, these stunning cooking environments can be quite expensive, particularly when you consider all the specialist appliances and added extras that you might need. 

Although custom kitchens consisting of upscale materials and appliances can easily cost a lot, there are some cost-saving solutions that you can apply to get the kitchen of your dreams, on a budget. For instance, you could get the foundations of your kitchen from an inexpensive but quality outlet like Ikea, and then add some extra functionality with custom cooktops and unique finishes. 

Besides that, here are some more steps to get you started:

Step 1: Find Your Inspiration and Start Planning

The first step to building the ideal kitchen on a budget is to find your inspiration. 

Magazines, niche websites, and even Pinterest are great places to start when looking for kitchen ideas. Ask yourself if you prefer cabinets that can hide your utensils and crockery or if you prefer open shelves that display all your kitchen items. Do you want drawers or doors? How about a kitchen island in the centre of the design?

Once you have in mind the kitchen that you would like to create, you can begin work on a preliminary layout. Tools like Ikea’s online kitchen planner are great for visually designing 3D apartment kitchens.  You could even input the unique dimensions of your kitchen using this handy tool. 

Step 2: Work with the Experts

Once you have a preliminary design for your kitchen in mind, you can begin to work with the experts. Track down a custom door designer, or check out some local artisans in your area who create unique worktops. It’s also worth looking into narrow kitchen cooktops that are perfect for apartment kitchens, which aren’t that spacious.

For instance, at Goldline, we can help you to design the ultimate kitchen for any space, however small while keeping you within budget. Our slimline electric cooktops fit perfectly with any kitchen design you choose! 

Place your orders with plenty of time to spare when you begin building your kitchen. Remember that it can take some time to get some of the items that you ordered sent to you – particularly if you’re requesting for entirely new doors and cabinets from scratch. 

Step 3: Try Some DIY

If you can, you might want to look into installing cabinets and doors on your own. 

Many Ikea systems and other modular style kitchens have designs that homeowners can assemble and install without the help of experts. 

Unless you’re also ripping your old kitchen out, in most cases, you won’t need the help of a professional. See how much you can do for yourself to save money before you turn to a professional installation team.

If you don’t have the skill or the time to build your kitchen from scratch, you could always compare the options for local contractors.

Find out what sort of quotes you can get from reputable contractors in your area. You should be able to find some reviews and testimonials from other customers to help you make the right choices. Recommendations and word-of-mouth reviews from friends and family are often the most reassuring. 

Finish Up Your Design

Finally, think about adding the finishing touches. 

There are specific tasks involved in building a kitchen that will, undeniably, need a professional touch. Amateurs cannot do plumbing, wiring, or installation of a new cooktop. Make sure that you get a professional to finish these parts of the job so that you can rest assured that your kitchen is safe to use.

Once you’ve finished the design, can then decide on the finished look of your kitchen and choose everything from the artwork to fresh flowers to give it that perfect designer appeal. 


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