How to Create a Kitchen for Accommodation

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Guests kitchen needs vary dramatically when staying at a cabin, hotel, airbnb or holiday park. For a number of guests staying in areas with access to great food, a kitchen just serves as a place to make their morning coffee. For other guests, the ability to cook their own meals was the very reason they booked your accommodation.

Our favorite accommodation kitchens, whether old or new, are those that have been thoughtfully outfitted.

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The Basics

Pots and pans for the stove top

When buying pots and pans for your stove top. Think about what type of clientele your accommodation brings and what they may want to cook when they are away. Is your accommodation in a popular fishing spot which means they may need a large pan to cook their catch in? Is there limited places to eat, so your guests will be cooking all their meals in your kitchen? In most circumstances a fry pan, small pot and a large pot should cover all your bases.

Coffee and tea

Offering a basic kettle, coffee grains and some tea bags is accomodation kitchen 101. Coffee machines are loved by many on a weekend getaway, but be sure to leave some clear instructions on the ins and outs of how to use it and clean it. There is nothing worse than being desperate for a brew and being left deserted as you are unable to work the bloody coffee machine.


If you give your guests a pot GIVE THEM A STRAINER this is another commonly overlooked item. If you give a guest a pot, and they make some pasta, or veggies they’re going to need a strainer. It also doubles as a way to rinse off fruits, veggies, canned beans etc. We like strainers that stand up on their own since draining a big batch of something in piping hot water usually takes two hands.

Basic utensils

Here are the absolute essentials: a spatula, a pair of scissors, forks, knives, and spoons. a big spoon, a whisk, a ladle, a set of tongs, all of which should be able to get nice and hot. Then there are the openers: corkscrew, bottle opener and can opener. You know the role call here: plates, bowls, cups, and mugs. At the bare minimum, everyone should be able to dinner at the same time.

Wine glasses and tumblers

Not that we’ll refuse to drink wine out of a coffee mug, but finding designated glasses wonderful. Consider adding a few glass tumblers of various sizes, and maybe a pair of champagne flutes, especially if your accommodation is a romantic getaway designed for couples. Just be sure that these items aren’t sentimental or expensive.

Hand towels and paper towels

Leave a hand towel or two next to the sink with backups tucked somewhere nearby. This keeps guests with wet hands from bumbling through your drawers. Always offer an extra roll of paper towels, and leave whatever cleaning spray you prefer somewhere nearby too. This makes it easy for guests to wipe down surfaces and appliances after each use


A toaster is such a small item to include, but it’s so appreciated by many. Bagels and toast are part of many folks’ morning routine.  Look for a toaster with a crumb tray to make clean up easy.

Space for groceries

This is especially appreciated by week long (or month long!) guests. Hosts have usually prepared space for a guest’s clothes, shoes, and toiletries, but often space to unpack groceries gets overlooked. Many kitchens have been so full that we end up putting most of our groceries in the fridge. Clear a shelf a cabinet, or even set out a few baskets or a fruit stand to invite your guests to unpack.

Clear counter space

Counter space can be a rather coveted commodity in accomodation kitchens. We’ve been super impressed with hosts with minimal cabinet space who have transformed the walls into storage space in order to keep the counters clear and ready to use.

Stove top

The need for an oven is a variable in accommodation, however, a good stovetop is essential. There is nothing worse than the gas being out on the holiday park bbq or a change in weather and not having an alternative place to cook like a basic stovetop.

With space limitations and budget restraints, you need a supplier you can trust. Goldline has been supplying holiday parks and accommodation kitchens with Australian made stove tops for over 25 years. Fill free to contact us directly for a bulk order deal or head to your local Harvey Norman or Good Guys store to see our products.


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