How To Make The Perfect Pie Crust Every Time With Your Oven

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Who doesn’t love a good pie? Digging into a rich pie with the perfect buttery, flaky pastry is a treat for the tastebuds! 

But baking the perfect pie crust with your oven can be tricky. Often pie crusts turn out tough, tasteless, or dry – ruining what would otherwise be a delicious pie. 

But don’t worry, if you’re wondering how to bake the perfect pie crust with your oven – we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll share some timeless tips for baking the perfect pie crust every time. 

Temperature is everything 

When it comes to making the perfect pie crust with your oven, temperature is everything. When forming the pie crust dough, your wet ingredients such as butter, milk, and water need to ice cold. This helps to make the crust flaky. 

However, when preheating your oven, the kitchen can quickly get pretty toasty, causing butter to melt. The last thing you want is the butter melting into the flour before you bake it. Your pie crust will end up sub-par. So what’s the solution? Don’t preheat your oven while making the dough. 

You will need to pop your pie crust dough into the fridge for at least an hour before baking it, therefore the oven can stay switched off until right before you’re ready to bake! 

Freeze your pie crust before it goes into the oven

If you plan on pre-baking your pie crust in the oven before you add the filling, you’ll want to make sure that once your dough is rolled out and in the pie tin that you freeze it for at least thirty minutes before placing it in the oven. 

When rolling out your dough and pressing it into your pie tin, the pie dough naturally warms up – and you don’t want the dough warm when it goes in the oven. By freezing it for at least thirty minutes, your dough will harden a little and hold its shape when it goes into the oven. 

Prick your pie crust with a fork before you bake 

Another crucial step when cooking the perfect pie crust with your oven is to make sure you prick it with a fork before you bake. This technique allows steam to escape and prevents your pie crust from getting all puffy. 

Placement in your oven is important

If you want to bake the perfect pie crust every time with your oven, you’ll want to make sure you place the pie dough on the correct shelf. 

If you’re baking a pie with a filling and uncooked dough, you’ll want to place your pie on the bottom shelf of your oven. This ensures that the bottom of your pie crust cooks all the way through so you have a solid base. Nobody likes a soggy pie! 

On the other hand, if you’re pre-baking your pie crust before adding the filling, be sure to place your crust on the middle shelf of the oven. 

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