How to Pick The Right Cooktop For Your Kitchen

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There are so many things to consider when deciding on the right cooktop for your kitchen. But get this right, and you’ll find your family will love to spend time together cooking! Apart from looks and heat output, there are a number of things you need to factor in when picking the best electric cooktop. In this article, we’ll take you through some things you need to consider.

To start – what kind of cooktop would you prefer? You can choose from electric, gas or induction.

Electric Cooktop

Many homeowners favour electric cooktops for their ease of use. Switching on the heat is as easy as turning the knob. And keeping it clean is relatively simple as well as there are generally no nooks or crannies where food can accumulate. That being said, electric cooktops do take a little bit longer to heat up when compared to gas cooktops.

Finding the best electric cooktop for your kitchen is simply a matter of determining the size you need and what your budget will allow. Goldline offers the best electric cooktop for small spaces, so if you’re looking for a solution to a kitchen with limited space, this might just be the best electric cooktop for you.

Gas Cooktop

Gas cooktops are famous for their rapid, instantaneous heat and are still the firm favourite for home chefs around Australia. Lighting a gas cooktop can be a little trickier though, and sometimes calls for a match, lighter or pilot light. However, most modern gas cooktops (like Goldline’s) come with electric ignition. Simply turn the knob and wait for the burner to light (the clicking noise).

The great thing about gas cooking is that the flame provides a clear visual guide as to how intense the heat is. This allows for more control over your cooking and usually results in a tastier meal.

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Induction Cooktop

And finally, we have induction cooktops. Over the past decade or so, induction cooktops have become increasingly popular. Induction cooking relies on the energy from an electromagnetic field. That means that the heat doesn’t come from the cooktop itself, but from the pots and pans you are using.

If you decide to buy an induction cooktop, you’ll likely need to replace all of your pots and pans to ensure they are compatible with induction cooking.

Other features to consider when picking the best electric cooktop for your kitchen

Once you’ve decided on the right type of cooktop for your kitchen, others things to consider include; the cooktop brand’s reputation, the level of warranty cover and of course, the price.

Here at Goldline, we’ve been providing Australian families with high-quality cooktops for over 30 years. All of our best electric cooktops come with a 2-year warranty which includes any manufacturing defects or faults. We also charge around one-third of the price when comparing a similar cooktop with our competitors.

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