How to Renovate a Kitchen

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In comparison to the rest of the house, the kitchen is a room that garners the highest foot-traffic. The kitchen should not only be a functional and practical space, it should also be an area that you enjoy using. In terms of design you can seamlessly incorporate elements of your personal taste, and design your kitchen to support the overarching theme of the rest of your home’s interior.

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There are many reasons you may be considering renovating your kitchen, from a practical perspective the current layout might be frustrating, or the design may be dated and in need for a spruce up. From a structural perspective if the kitchen is old, or there were building errors, overhauling the kitchen may save you costs and frustration in the long-run, particularly if you’re considering putting the home on the market.

As renovations are an investment of time and money, you want to ensure that the renovation is completed right the first time and any errors in terms of design, or building are avoided; otherwise you could be in for additional costs down the track. When it comes to renovating your kitchen, or any space for that matter, preparation is key to success and it’s important to consider the following:

Long-term home, or investment property?

Clarify why you need to renovate your kitchen, this means you will consider essential components specific to your needs. For example, your design and budget will differ if you are renovating your kitchen in a home you plan to live in long-term, rather than an investment or rental property.

If you are renovating to maximise rental return, you want to stretch your dollar further but still want a renovation job that is robust and will last long-term. To save money you may opt to do the renovation on a partial DIY basis with the help of a qualified builder. You may also select affordable modular kitchens with affordable but lasting appliances. 

John Fredericks, principal at Place stated, “Tenants want their property to be clean, in good working order and exactly as advertised,” he says. “To maximise best return and rental income, present your property at the highest standard achievable within your budget.”

However, if you are planning to stay in your home long-term and are renovating your kitchen as a passion project that reflects your style and compliments the rest of your home interior you may opt for a custom build and work directly with a builder.

Kitchen Inspiration Ideas

Aside from the layout of the kitchen, there are a multitude of finishings, textures and appliances to consider. So many options can easily leave you feeling overwhelmed. It’s a good idea to hone in on your style and what you want to achieve from the space, not just in terms of design, but also in terms of functionality. 

  • Pinterest
    A great place to start is Pinterest, where you can create specific boards for individual projects. You can search Pinterest for inspiration and add your favourite images to your board, you can also add select images on the internet to your Pinterest board also. The next step is refining your mood board and selecting key elements you would like to add to your space. If there is a certain feature or look that you love add it to a separate board called ‘Final’; this way you will be able to rely on your Pinterest board to provide you with direct inspiration and keep you on track further in the design process.
  • Facebook Groups
    Aside from Pinterest, there are a multitude of Facebook groups with members passionate about renovating who are generally happy to offer tips, advice, inspiration and constructive feedback on your plans.
  • Blogs & Instagram
    There are a number of quality blogs and Instagram accounts that also offer great kitchen renovation inspiration. For example search #KitchenInspiration #Kitchens on Instagram and follow leading designers like Studio Mcgee

Kitchen Design Planning

You have your design inspiration, now it is time to start sourcing samples. Generally retailers are happy to provide tile or benchtop samples, or may request a small fee. Acquiring samples, or looking at products in-store is crucial when it comes to making the final design decisions.

Don’t rush when it comes to making your final decision, ask for opinions of others in your close circle to help refine your choices down further. At the end of the day however, it’s crucial you are happy with the final decision as you are the one who will have to live with the end result. It’s also important to keep referring back to your budget to ensure you’re not going over budget. Having a physical or digital planner or document will also help keep track of your decisions and quotes.

Kitchen Renovation Costs

The overall cost of your kitchen renovation will greatly depend on the extent of the renovations. Depending on the extent of the renovation you may opt for a minimal touchup by replacing or rejuvenating key components like the bench-tops, painting cupboards and replacing knobs, or a full renovation. Ensure you keep receipts and initial quotes somewhere safe incase you need to refer back to them down the track.

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If you have a smaller budget you may decide to do a cosmetic renovation over a structural renovation. A cosmetic renovation can include the following:

  • Replacing cupboard knobs
  • Repainting cupboards
  • Replacing tiles
  • Repainting window frames and sills
  • Replacing splashback
  • Repainting walls
  • Replacing cooktop 

Full Renovation

If you have the budget to complete a full renovation it’s imperative to ensure you have carefully planned the layout and materials you will be using, and that they align with your budget. If you’re using a builder ensure they are fully aware of the extent of the job and have quoted accordingly to avoid any unwelcome financial surprises.

If your budget is tight you may need to consider installing a second hand kitchen, or fitting a modular affordable kitchen and pairing it with featured accents that give it a more sophisticated feel.

Cooktop & Functionality

Whether you are renovating for yourself, or as an investment. Installing a quality cooktop makes cooking a more enjoyable experience. A premium cooktop also keeps tenants happy and safer, helps to lower maintenance costs and helps increase the value of your property. Upgrading your cooktop should be considered when renovating your kitchen.

There are many cooktops to consider, and it’s important to take into account the size of the space including the available width, as well as budget. Whether you choose a gas or electric cooktop, generally comes down to personal preference.

At Goldline we have a range of affordable premium cooktops to suit all spaces and needs. Our cooktops are designed with an emphasis on style, practicality and safety. If you have a new build or a renovation coming up, our team is happy to assist you.


Make sure any tradespeople you contract to renovate your kitchen are licensed, insured and can show you a portfolio of their previous work. From a legal and safety standpoint all plumbing and electrical works must be completed by qualified and licensed professionals.

Plan For a Result You’ll Love

Designer Graeme Metcalf from Dan Kitchens stated “Most people might do one or maybe two kitchen renovations in their lifetime. So, to end up with a kitchen you love using, do your research, keep up to date with the market and employ qualified professionals.”


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