How To Replace Electric Cooktop With Gas

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How To Replace Electric Cooktop With Gas

Since many chefs prefer the control that cooking with gas provides, you’d think the benefits of
gas outweigh those of electric cooktops. But have you ever considered making the switch to
gas? Some of the benefits include increased energy efficiency, savings in the long run, and
better sustainability. However, how easy is it to replace an electric cooktop with gas?

Benefits of Gas Cooktops?
So, what exactly are the advantages of gas over electricity? This is a relevant question
considering the environmental issues related to electricity consumption.
The two significant components related to gas are cost and environmental impact.
As far as cost is concerned, gas is generally cheaper than electricity. However, not every home
or commercial property has access to a natural gas grid.
Secondly, the environmental impact of gas is less severe than that of electricity. Gas is ‘greener’
because it is a natural source of energy and eco-friendly. For these reasons alone, many people
choose to use gas.

Why Convert to Gas?
If you’ve read this far, you’re probably wondering why you should convert from an electric to a
gas cooktop? Gas cooktops have many benefits, including but not limited to:
● Gas cooktops will often cost less in terms of maintenance and upkeep in the long run.
● Though the parts of a gas cooktop need to be removed to clean it, the build is often
sturdier and more durable than electric.
● Gas both provides more heat consistently and responds more quickly to temperature
changes. However, once heated up, an electric stove can have more even heat
● Overall, a gas cooktop can cook things more quickly, saving you time in the kitchen.
● When the open flame is extinguished, the gas and heat immediately shut off. Meanwhile,
an electric stovetop’s surface can stay hot.

Two Gas Options

When considering your new gas cooktop, you have two options: LPG or natural gas.

Liquid petroleum gas (LPG) is in a tank, which you’ll need to refill or replace with a new tank
once it’s empty.

Natural gas is taken from a grid, similar to an electricity grid. Though using natural gas is more
straightforward, not every place will be connected to a natural gas grid. In that case, LPG would
be the next best option. A local gas fitter will be able to help you determine which type of gas is

Converting Electric Cooktop with Gas

Although you may have heard differently, the process of converting an electric cooktop to gas is
not that difficult. A qualified and licensed gas fitter can help you install your new gas stove and
make sure everything complies with regulations.

If you currently have a natural gas grid, it’s as easy as connecting a pipe to your kitchen and
hooking it to the cooktop. Of course, we do not recommend trying this yourself, and you should
call a qualified electrician.

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