How to Start Cooking Like a Pro This Summer With a Goldline Outdoor Pizza Oven

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What’s better than a pizza on a hot summer day or a freezing night? How about being able to bake a restaurant-style pizza in your garden with a charcoal pizza oven instead of ordering takeout?

While most people think that cooking pizza is a complicated process, it can actually be breezy and fun if you have the right equipment and skills.

With Goldline’s pizza oven, you can easily make your pizza in the comfort of your backyard. This outdoor cooking bench is incredible and convenient to use—perfect for every true pizza lover. So how do you start cooking like a pro with Goldline’s outdoor pizza oven?

1. Starting A Pizza Oven Fire

Start your fire in the centre of your oven floor using pine—crumpled-up newspapers can also be used. Use a cube or a bundle of non-toxic fire starters to light the fire on top of the kindling.

Never add scrap wood like particleboard, plywood, or other treated woods to a fire, even if it’s merely to get it started.

2. Keep The Fire Burning

Once the fire has started, add a few hardwood pieces at a time to keep the flame alive but not raging. During this time, keep the oven door open to allow enough oxygen for burning. Use wood with a diameter of no more than two to three inches to help the oven heat up faster while keeping the flames in the centre of the oven.

Depending on your oven’s model and how well it’s insulated, it could take anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes to reach the desired temperature (usually 700 F). Older ovens, those with poor insulation, or those hand-made with brick and mortar may take even longer.

3. Evenly Distribute The Heat

If you want your pizza to cook perfectly, you must evenly distribute the heat across the oven. Remember to push the burning wood to both the left and right sides of the oven, or divide between both sides, and ensure there’s always at least a bit of flame to the fire—just smouldering embers is not suitable for your cooking.
Stefano Graziani suggests spreading a layer of red-hot charcoal over the centre of the oven, where the pizzas will cook, with an oven rake to ensure an evenly heated cooking surface. Allow the embers to heat the cooking slab by closing the door for 10 to 15 minutes.

4. Allow The Oven To Cool

Your oven deck may be too hot to cook on at first. After you’ve moved the embers aside, give the surface a quick test by sprinkling a handful of flour on it. Leave the oven door open for about 20 minutes to let it cool down a bit and then repeat the testing process.

5. Clear Out Your Pizza Oven

According to Graziani, the safest approach to clean your wood-fired pizza oven is by letting it cool fully—even overnight. Scoop the cooled ash, embers, and wood refuse out of the oven with an oven rake or brush or an all-in-one tool.

For a wood-fired oven made of metal, you should use a moist rag. Only use a brass or copper brush tip to clean any baked-on food spots—other metals will damage the stone or brick heating surface. There’s no reason to put water in a brick or masonry wood-fired oven if it’s not necessary.

6. Disperse The Ashes

It won’t take many cooking sessions to build up a considerable amount of wood ash. You can collect ash in a garbage bin with a lid and use some in your compost bin or garden instead of throwing them away. Wood ash has lime and potassium, making it a fantastic fertiliser. However, it’s not recommended for azaleas, rhododendrons, berries, potatoes, or other acid-loving plants.

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