How to Update Your Home During Quarantine

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Social distancing has become one of the most important ways for people all over the world to do their part in reducing the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus. This strategy is all about reducing your physical contact with other people as much as possible. Those farewell kisses and friendly hugs that we all know and love are likely to be a thing of the past for now. 

Unfortunately, this means that more of us are spending more time at home, struggling to find things to help us occupy our time and stay focused. With socialising and sports clubs on hold, we need to find something to take up our time. That means that now could be the perfect moment to start a home renovation or redecoration project. 

If you’ve been dreaming about getting your hands on a new stainless steel gas stove 2 burner cooktop, but your current kitchen just wouldn’t support it, now’s the time to start from scratch. Read on for some top tips on how to update your home during the quarantine.

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Step 1: Create a Workspace

To support social distancing strategies, many businesses are asking their employees to work from home and avoid the daily commute. While the idea of working at home in our PJs is a great one for most of us, it can be challenging to stay focused if you don’t have the right workspace. Creating a designated environment for your business activities will help to eliminate distractions and remind you to shut off and unplug at the end of the day. Find an area that’s:

  • Quiet: Away from any family activity or television screens
  • Well-lit: Lots of natural light will keep you motivated
  • Comfortable: Invest in an ergonomic chair and a desk to help with your work

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Step 2: Plan Your Bigger Upgrades

Since you may not be able to invite workers into your kitchen right now to rip out your old cooktop and replace it with a stainless steel gas stove 2 burner system, now might be the perfect time to plan instead. Rather than waiting until you can make a start with your renovations before you think about what colour you want your cabinets to be or how you’re going to decorate your walls, create a mood board full of ideas that you like. 

Pull inspiration from your favourite Netflix shows, and grab pictures from Instagram and Pinterest of kitchens that you love. Planning now will not only help you to figure out how much work your renovation is going to take, but it should also assist with planning your budget too. 

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Step 3: Make a Few Simple Changes

Finally, while you wait for the moment when you can put those big world-changing renovations in place, why not make a few simpler changes? For instance, you could grab some of that old paint that you have lying around in the shed or attic and spruce up some of the unloved walls in your living and dining room. Or, ask your kids to get creative and help you make some new art. 

Bringing some of the plants and greenery from your garden indoors will also help you feel less cooped up and more connected to nature during these difficult times. Why not try potting some of your favourite flowers from the garden? 

If nothing else, just moving your furniture around and practicing feng shui practices could be enough to make your home feel more interesting and refreshed. When you’re ready, don’t forget to give the team here at Goldline a call so that you can arrange to have your new stovetop installed!


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