Introducing Goldline Cooktops

20 Introducing Goldline Cooktops

The story of Goldline Cooktops began almost 30 years ago, in 1990. The founders of our company had a vision to create a cooktop to cater to the growing demand for stir-fry cooking in Australia. We began with our GL3 models – innovations that combined two high-powered wok burners with a unique layout to offer a cooking environment unlike anything else on the Australian market. As our presence in the marketplace grew, our love affair with oriental cooking developed too.

Over time, we started to make a name for ourselves as the go-to solution for stir-fry cooking. We also built a strong relationship with various European brands and started our expansion into Asia. By 1995, we were exporting cooking systems to Thailand, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Mauritius, and more. The age of Goldline had officially begun, marked by our acceptance of the Telstra Victoria Business Award, the HSBC Bank Export Award, and the Victorian Governor Award.

Though we continued to work in the export market, we also wanted to strengthen our position here in Australia too. This new goal led us to design cooktops that catered to the vast and diverse cooking styles of Australian families.

Giving Back to the Australian Community

It’s not just our commitment to incredible cooking tools that helps Goldline to stand out. We’re also unique because we give back to the Australian community. Through a range of leadership programs in local schools, we’ve helped children of all ages discover the power of better communication. We also deliver as much help as we can to the Australian armed services too.

Here at Goldline, we want everyone to experience the magic of great cooking. That’s why we support towns with no gas, with a range of stove-top solutions available in LPG. What’s more, all of our Goldline models come with a 2-year warranty as standard, available through major kitchen appliance providers. We go beyond high-quality cooking to give our budding chefs everything they need to thrive. That includes investing in security systems like flame failure devices on our burners to protect you from gas issues and accidental fire damage.

With a dedication to constant innovation and development, we’re always launching new and improved products to help our customers get the most out of their kitchens. Here ate Goldline, you can even find the perfect cooktop for you if you’re limited in budget. We offer a wide variety of options to suit any home, professional cook, or environment. What’s more, our high-quality stovetops make maintenance easy too, with easy-to-clean glass surfaces for people who hate having to scrub at their stoves after use.

Whether you’re looking for high-powered performance, exceptional budget-friendly design, or amazing innovation, you’ll find it all with Goldline. In fact, every model that we sell here at Goldline comes with a high-powered wok burner included, complete with an 18 Mj/h rating.

From humble beginnings, or vast cooktop selection has expanded to include more than 20 top-selling models. Come and learn more about the benefits of Goldline today and become a part of the next chapter in our story.


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