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If you’re looking for kitchen inspiration, look no further than Master Chef Laura Sharrad’s modern kitchen. Her Italian gas cooktop is the pride and joy of her sleek kitchen, allowing her to make the Italian dishes she’s famous for cooking.


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In this article, we’ll explore the stylistic elements of Laura Sharrad’s kitchen. We’ll also talk about how you can incorporate them into your kitchen. 

Multi-toned Kitchen

One of the things that makes Laura Sharrad’s kitchen stand out is the different colours. Although she has wood countertops, concrete floors, and brick walls, everything looks cohesive. This shows it’s possible to blend different textures and colours while still creating a stylish look. 

Part of the seamless look comes from the stainless steel and jet-black kitchen appliances. They integrate well with the hand-cut black tile behind the cooktop. 

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Finding the Right Cooktop 

Of all the kitchen features, Laura Sharrad likes her cooktop best. Like most chefs, she prefers cooking with gas. An Italian gas cooktop is a perfect complement to any modern kitchen. The right cooktop can quickly become the centrepiece of the kitchen, drawing the eye to it. 

You want your cooktop to be sleek and stylish, which is where Goldline’s gas stovetops come in. The gas on glass model is simply eye-catching with high-quality black glass. 

Gas Stovetops 


Many people prefer the responsiveness of a gas cooktop. Unlike electric, it heats up rather quickly. The amount of heat can be immediately increased or decreased, giving the cook more control. There is also a range of metal and colour types, such as gas, stainless steel, and cast iron. 


The one drawback of a gas cooktop is that you need a gas line (either LPG or natural gas) to use it. It can be a bit of an investment to get a gas cooktop installed. However, many people find cooking with gas more precise. In sum, it’s often worth the investment. 

Electric Stovetops 


Electric is the main alternative to gas, aside from induction. Many people love how effortless electric cooktops are to clean. Since Goldline’s electric cooktops consist of a continuous piece of glass, you can simply wipe them down with a wet cloth. 


The main drawback of electric cooktops is that they take a few minutes to heat up. Often, the food will keep cooking even after turning off the heat. They are not as quick to respond to touch changes as gas, but they still can cook food efficiently.

Italian Gas Cooktop

If you want to model your kitchen after MasterChef Laura Sharrad’s, you will need an Italian gas cooktop. Goldline’s gas cooktops mirror the style and design of the one in Laura Sharrad’s kitchen. 

You can also incorporate her style by using different materials and textures while keeping the appliances stainless steel or black. Overall, we hope this article has given you some fresh kitchen inspiration. 

Feel free to browse Goldline’s gas cooktop range today. Please email us at if you have any questions.

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