Kitchen Cabinet Colour Trends 2021

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Kitchen cabinets make your space appear colourful. And because the kitchen is the heart of every home, you wouldn’t want to miss out on these kitchen cabinet colour trends 2021. Initially, stained natural wood cabinets called the shots in every kitchen, but that’s not the case anymore. 

Today, kitchen cabinets are indulged in colour or no colour at all. And looking into 2021, wood stain kitchen cabinets will still be sought-after in traditional kitchens. However, people are employing bold colourations when incorporating pops of colour into their kitchens. 

That said, let’s take a look at some of the best colours to keep your kitchen cabinets modish in 2021: 

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1. Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Blue kitchen cabinets are classic, cool and light, and are rather grey-based blue than cerulean. They provide the necessary contrast for stark white kitchens, creating a more homey feel. They are also an excellent option for those looking to add a beachy touch to their home. 

Many kitchen trend followers have advocated the blue kitchen cabinet trend. However, the grey-based blues are more likely to stick around for years after than the primary blues. So, if you’re looking to remodel your kitchen cabinets, opt for the grey-based blues and finish them off with a cool grey backsplash and beautiful waterproof plank. 

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2. White Kitchen Cabinets

People are fascinated with white kitchen cabinets due to their sleek, stylish designs that brighten and open up space. White cabinets also accord with many popular styles, including farmhouse kitchen plans. Also, white cabinetry provides a lot of flexibility – it can be dressed up for a countryside kitchen or an exclusive look. 

For the past few years, white, light, and bright have been calling the shots in many kitchen trends, but that’s not happening anymore. However, white kitchen cabinets are still trendy in 2021 and will continue to be famous for years. For a stylish kitchen with white cabinetry, finish off the looks with elegant flooring and a dynamic backsplash. 

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3. Green Kitchen Cabinets

Another trendy kitchen cabinet in 2021 is the green cabinetry. And hey, we’re not talking about lime green but a lovely muted olive green or emerald green to give your kitchen a unique elegance. Olive green kitchen cabinets are popular in traditional kitchens as they reverse to the ’70s while keeping the kitchen fresh and bright.

Emerald is simply a colour trend in general but gives a kitchen a dynamic look. For a modern, contemporary kitchen with green cabinets, complete the look with a gorgeous backsplash and contrasting countertop. Let those childhood memories scream in your kitchen cabinets! 

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4. Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets

As we begin to adopt more industrial and rustic looks, natural wood cabinets are rising to meet that demand. Most people are fascinated with the rustic-industrial look, making natural wood cabinets a perfect choice for those looking to bring nature into their homes. 

Natural wood kitchen cabinets are often made from light wood such as oak and pine, then left unstained. Part of the charm is to embrace a more minimalist, natural look in the kitchen space. You’ve probably seen this with the current butcher block countertops. For a modern twist with natural wood kitchen cabinets, complete the look with unique countertops, flooring, and backsplashes. 

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5. Gray Kitchen Cabinets

For the past few years, grey has been taking over the flooring, and it’s still trending in 2021. The dark grey cabinet dominates the backsplash scenery while the light grey is still on the rise. Gray is a perfect choice for those looking for a neutral colour but aren’t fans of white kitchens. 

Gray is popular in 2021 and will stick around for years to come. The best part is that you can choose from the various shades, including dark grey, blue-grey, and blue-grey. So go ahead and give your kitchen that inspirational look you’ve always dreamt of.

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6. Two-Toned Kitchen Cabinets

Our last category is the two-toned kitchen cabinets typically designed with white upper cabinetry and paired with a darker colour lower cabinet. For base cabinet colours, you can opt for the popular greys and blues. However, you could also pair them with canary yellow, dark purple, and mint green lower cabinets. 

The white upper cabinetry provides enough contrast and neutrality for bolder colours on the base cabinets without overwhelming the overall look. We’re advocating for the white tops and coloured bases because darker colours loom the ceiling lower than the perceived height. This trend is likely to stick around in 2021 and years to come. 

Keep an Eye on these Kitchen Cabinet Colour Trends 2021

Many transformations are happening in kitchen designs, but the good news is that new transformations mean more alternatives for you. So while you’re looking for trendy kitchen cabinets in 2021, don’t forget about the latest kitchen appliances you can order directly from our store and delivered across Melbourne.  



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