Kitchen Cooktops [A Guide]

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Whether you’re whipping up a quick afternoon lunch or making an elaborate dinner for friends and family, the cooktop you use matters. There are many considerations before you get a cooktop such as size, gas or electric, and the number of burners. Since it can get confusing, this article is here to help you navigate the decision of a new kitchen cooktop.

Gas Cooktop vs. Electric Cooktop

One is the best parts about gas cooktops is the level of control that they give the cook. On the other hand, many people prefer electric cooktops because they are so easy to clean and maintain.

Benefits of Gas Cooktops

  • Excellent cooking control. With gas, you can take your dish from a boil to a simmer with the flick of the wrist. The direct flame is also easier for gauging the temperature.
  • Gives the kitchen a more rustic feel. Gas cooktops have a more old-timey look compared to electric ones. The look of a gas range might match your kitchen design better.
  • Superior durability. The metal grates help protect the surface of the cooktop and prevent cracking or breaking.

Pros of Electric Cooktops

  • Easier to install. The odds are, your kitchen is probably already set up for installing an electric stove. Not having to worry about a gas grid or tank can save you money when choosing a cooktop.
  • Simple to clean. The continuous surface of an electric cooktop is super easy to keep clean. All you have to do is wipe it with a cloth and you’re done!
  • Kitchen stays cooler. If you’ve ever cooked with gas, you know that the kitchen gets super hot. Electric cooktops don’t make this space as warm as gas ones do.

As you can see, both gas cooktops and electric ones have their upsides. The key is deciding which one will work best for your kitchen and cooking habits.

Induction Cooktop vs. Gas Stove Tops

The main drawback of induction cooktops is that they need special cookware. The nice thing about gas cooktops or electric ones is that you can use the cookware you already have and save money.

Induction cooktops are also considerably more expensive than gas ones. That’s because their technology heats the pan itself instead of the actual surface of the stove. At Goldline, we only produce gas and electric cooktops because we believe they provide the most value to Australian families.

Looking for the best kitchen cooktop?

Goldline is a top notch kitchen appliance manufacturer that creates stunning and powerful stove tops for Australian families.  Thanks to the wok burners on our gas stovetops, families can whip up meals faster and more efficiently. Both our gas and electric stovetops also have safety devices like the flame failure device.  This feature ensures that pets and children stay safe in the kitchen. Finally, our cooktops are the most narrow on the market in Australia. However, when you buy one of our cooktops, you never compromise size for quality.  They’re small but mighty and will help to make a delicious meal every time.

For more information on Goldline’s range of cooktops, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 03 9799 9660.


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