Kitchen Design Ideas [Pictures]

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Updating or installing a kitchen is an investment of time and money, meaning it’s important to research design ideas to ensure you’re happy with the final design before you start.

With so many options, you can easily be left feeling overwhelmed and, at times, frustrated. When designing your kitchen, it’s important to plan for functionality as well as style. With careful research and planning, you can have the best of both worlds. Perfecting your dream kitchen is exciting, and whatever your budget and style, there are options to help your dream become a reality.

We have compiled some of the most in-trend kitchen design ideas to kickstart your planning:

Boho Kitchen Inspiration

If you’re looking to incorporate a natural creative theme with open shelving and mixed patterns and textures, a boho themed kitchen might be for you. Adding vintage and rattan touches can also help finish the overall feel. Bohemian décor originated from central-eastern Europe, commonly adopted by nomads and creatives. For a complementing look, use a light colour scheme with a contrasting texture like timber and potted plants to help establish more atmosphere. 

Modern Kitchen Inspiration

Modern kitchen design isn’t about creating a plain sterile space that lacks atmosphere; achieving true modern styling is about incorporating clean, open and practical calming spaces whilst integrating key personal style accents throughout. When creating a modern kitchen, use clean lines, strategic lighting and a simple colour scheme to help you achieve your goals. Essentially Modern kitchen designs are inspired by symmetry, sleekness and functionality.


Country Kitchen Inspiration

Living in the country nestled amongst nature can bring a sense of relaxation. However, for many, living in the country isn’t feasible. With a few styling techniques, the great news is you too can give your kitchen a cozy, welcoming country atmosphere with rustic accents and a natural colour palette. By incorporating various natural textures and select colours, you too can achieve the style and feel of a rural country home. 

When designing your country style kitchen, opt for more traditional surfaces like timber and stone. Select complimentary appliances and decor to complete the look.



Gallery Kitchen Inspiration

A gallery kitchen is a functional solution for designing a narrow kitchen or making an impact. A gallery kitchen is defined by two rows that face each other with a walkway in between. The benefits of a galley kitchen are great when space is limited and provides additional benefits in storage space and practicality. If you have ample space, you can opt to have a freestanding island bench in the middle of the walkway between the two rows. 


Small Kitchen Inspiration

Having a small space to work with can be challenging, and it’s a good idea to list out any requirements you need before designing your new small kitchen. Keep in mind, with so many building material and appliance options these days having a small kitchen doesn’t mean you need to compromise on quality. Having a clear, thought out plan will help you optimise space and ensure you are creating a space you love that also provides daily practicality.

In terms of cooktops, many people assume that a small kitchen means installing a small cooktop of lower quality. However, this isn’t the case. At Goldline, we have created a specialised range of premium gas and electric cooktops to suit narrow and small spaces without compromising quality, safety, style and power.

White & Gold Kitchen Inspiration

When it comes to hot trends, white and gold kitchen themes have become hugely popular thanks to Studio Mcgee, the creators behind the show ‘Dream Home Makeover’ on Netflix. Incorporating gold accents throughout your kitchen makes the space highly Instagramable and creates a luxury theme. For more impact, you can also style white and gold with other complementing and contrasting colours.


Modular Kitchen Ideas

A modular kitchen design allows you to customise your kitchen layout and is an affordable kitchen option compared to a custom build. Modular kitchens have come a long way in terms of design options and quality; the most popular modular kitchens are from Ikea and the Kaboodle range.


Hamptons Kitchen Ideas

Hamptons style reflects refined elegance with a coastal influence. Traditionally Hampton’s themes incorporate neutral colour palettes, including white, ivory and neutral colours with touches of blue and grey tones. In terms of cabinetry, simple lines integrated with French provincial influence help complete the design.


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