Kitchen Gas Stove: 7 Things You Should Know Before Buying

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There’s nothing better than cooking over an open flame is there? Or if you’ve never used a kitchen gas stove before, you’ll soon find out!

With the recent rise in popularity in induction cooking, you might be wondering which stove is the best choice for you? But there are some undeniable benefits that only come with gas cooking.

In this article, we’ll cover 7 things you should know before buying a kitchen gas stove.

A gas stove is the only cooktop with a real flame

Cooking with a real flame gives you an instant visual indicator of the temperature of the burner. Adjusting the heat is simple too, and unlike electric and induction cooktops there’s no waiting around for the heat to reach the right temperature.

Gas makes water boil faster

Did you know kitchen gas stoves are actually faster at boiling water than their electric or induction counterparts? This is because most gas stoves feature high-efficiency burner technology. The burners in a gas stove require fewer gas BTUs to heat pans and boil water, making them much more efficient.

A gas stove is more energy efficient

While we’re on the topic, a gas stove is up to 3 times more efficient than an electric stove. Electric stoves need a lot more energy to produce the same level of heat as a gas stove.

You can cook directly over the flame with a gas stove

Chargrill veggies or tortilla wraps anyone? One awesome, often overlooked feature of a kitchen gas stove is the ability to cook over an open flame. Tortilla wraps can be laid straight over the flame and crisp up nicely. And if you get yourself a metal mesh rack (one that can be used over an open flame) you can add a smoky flavour to fresh vegetables too!

A gas stove is best for wok cooking

If you enjoy Asian cooking or use a wok often then you really can’t go past a kitchen gas stove. Most gas cooktops come with a wok burner, specially designed for use with woks and skillets. These burners allow the flames to heat the sides of the wok, something you just can’t do with an electric or induction stove.

Gas stoves still work during a power cut

Of course, you will need to manually light your kitchen gas stove when the power is out, but the fact that you can still use it in a power outage is pretty awesome. There’s nothing more annoying than going without dinner because of a power outage in a storm!

Available in stainless steel, glass or enamel

Finally, there’s a look and style of gas stove to suit every kitchen. Whether you favour a stainless steel look, glass or enamel, you have a wider range of choices with a kitchen gas stove. Unlike induction stoves which are typically only glass.

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