Knowing Why Some Best Stove Tops in 2021 Crack

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If you bought one of the best stovetops in 2021 and you notice some signs of crack, you might be wondering why that’s happening. Stovetops are popular globally due to their ease of cleaning and sleek appearance, and as a result, they are a bit expensive.

There are high-quality stovetops, but the main reason why some stovetops in 2021 crack are because they are fragile. The cracks on your stovetop can be dangerous as they can cut you or render your stovetops worthless, forcing you to get a replacement.

That said, it’s essential to know the reasons why some of the best stovetops in 2021 will crack. In this post, I’ll lay out various reasons why some stovetops crack. So without further ado, let’s jump right in.
Is Using a Cracked Glass Stove Top Safe?
No, using a cracked glass stovetop isn’t safe because these cracks can make you vulnerable to being electrocuted. If there are cracks on your glass stovetop, there is a need to replace them with ceramic cookware.

Ceramic cookware is also easy to clean, especially if you mistakenly spill some liquid on them while cooking. If there are just a few cracks on your stovetop, there might be no need to replace them—a repair would do.
Why Do Glass Tops Crack?
The two main reasons why glass tops crack could be placing too heavy pots or using too much heat when cooking.

Too much heat on your glass cooktop can result from excessive heat on your burners. Always ensure that you’re always using the right amount of heat when cooking to avoid cracks.

That said, let’s look at a few more reasons why your glass tops could be cracking, shall we?
1. Impacts From Cookware
One of the most long-lasting cookware is the glass-ceramic stove top. However, they cannot withstand heavy objects due to their fragile nature.

When you pull rough objects on your glass-ceramic stove top, there are high chances that they’ll scratch, and these scratches could extend to other areas over time.
2. Excessive Heat and Temperature Fluctuations
Some of the best stovetops in 2021 can sustain heat for a long time, but those with glass tops may not. This is because increased heat subjection can create adequate stress, resulting in a crack.

Another cause for cracks is thermal shock, which occurs when unexpected heat is subjected to a glass stove top.
How to Prevent Cracks and Damage
Having walked you through various reasons why stovetops crack, below are some sure-fire ways to prevent your glass stovetop from scratching:
1. Use Proper Cookware
The lightweight cookware with a flat bottom and smooth surface are the best. Additionally, have pans and pots made from stainless steel or heavy-duty aluminium. However, avoid using copper pots as they leave behind residue that can damage your cooking appliance.
2. Clean After Each Use
Cleaning spills on your cookware just immediately after you finish cooking is the best way to prevent cracks and damages on your stovetop. To clean your stovetop, first switch it off, and allow it to cool.
Additional Tips to Avoid Cracks & Scratches
Avoid using heavy pots on your glass stovetop as they can break or crack
Don’t slide your pots and pans when lifting them from your stovetop
Keep the bottom of your pots and pans tidy at all times
Always go through the manufacturer’s instructions for maintenance recommendations
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