Level Up with Lifestyle Series Large Gas Cooktops

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Large Gas Cooktop

Assemble your dream kitchen with the lifestyle series cooktops by Goldline. These large gas cooktops are perfect for making multi-course meals. 

In this article, we’ll discuss how the abundant gas cooktop by Goldline functions. The Lifestyle series is top of its class in both practicality and performance. Let’s get started. 

Factors to Consider When Getting a Large Gas Cooktop 

A large gas cooktop is one of the most versatile and necessary appliances in your kitchen. 

The Lifestyle range of affordable cooktops come in many different sizes. Our top-of-the-line five-burner Lifestyle series is equipped with a dual control high power wok burner, a two boil burner, a rapid burner, and a simmer burner. You can cook a five-course or seven-course meal with ease. 

If you have a smaller family, the Goldline Lifestyle range also features a four-burner and three-burner stove. All of these large gas cooktops help you to cook efficiently and quickly. 

Some features of the Lifestyle range cooktops include: 

  • Multi-flame control: allows you to set exact heat settings whether you’re sauteing, grilling, roasting, or stir-frying. 
  • Dual control wok burner: is optimal for heating for vegetables, meat, and any other food products.
  • Independent outer and inner ring: helps you control the heat settings as you cook. 
  • Multiple safety features. Goldline’s advance technology includes a Flame Failure Device which cuts the gas as soon as the flame goes out. 
  • Easy-to-clean. The detachable wok burner makes cleaning this large gas cooktop easier than ever before. 

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Finding the Right Gas Cooktop 

When choosing a large gas cooktop, there are several factors to consider: 

  1. Space Allowances. The amount of space in your kitchen greatly determines the type of stove to buy. Goldline’s Lifestyle large gas cooktops have overall dimensions of 870 mm by 510 mm. 
  2. Personal Cooking Habits. The number of burners on the stove you buy will largely depend on your cooking habits. With a gas cooktop, you can choose from a range of high and low heat burners. This allows you to cook virtually anything. You’ll need at least five burners if you cook many meals at the same time. 
  3. Budget Allowance. Keep in mind that gas cooktops are more affordable than electric or induction ones. Gas cooktops are the most affordable of the three types of stoves. 
  4. Appearance & Style. A cooktop will stand out as a central appliance in your kitchen. Be sure to choose one that matches the current colours and style of your other machines. The black, sleek design of the Lifestyle Series cooktops is exceptionally versatile. 
  5. Cleaning & Maintenance. Since gas cooktops have parts to remove before washing, they’ll require a bit more upkeep. However, the detachable wok of the Lifestyle series helps with maintenance. 

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Finding the right large gas cooktop with Goldline is straightforward and easy. With a variety of sizes and features, you’re sure to find one that fits your home. 

Browse our Lifestyle Range to find the perfect fit for your kitchen. Then, contact us for a free consultation. 


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