LPG Gas Cooktops

13 Lpg Gas Cooktops 750x600

Chefs around the globe agree that there’s one easy to way to upgrade your cooking – and that’s with the right tools.

The customisable and controllable heat of a direct flame LPG gas cooktops gives chefs the opportunity to experiment with their favourite dishes.

Now, with Goldline – anyone can have the incredible experience of an LPG cooktop in their own home.

For those who love to explore the mysteries of food, cooktops deliver better control, more power, and enhanced performance.

With a device like this, you’ll have no trouble recreating the textures, flavours, and scents of your favourite restaurant-quality dishes.

Whether you’re cooking for your friends, treating yourself, or showing off with family – we’ve got you covered.

The Goldline LPG Gas cooktop range is aesthetically a lined to people who savour the warm reception and welcoming atmosphere of home.

To give you the sizzle and simmer you need to produce mouth-watering masterpieces every time.

GL704BZ CAST 1440x1440
4 Burner LPG Gas Stove top

Key features include:

  • Consistent heat distribution for every dish with advanced burner technology
  • Easy-to-use and customise with ergonomically-positioned dials
  • Automatic flame failure safety device for peace-of-mind
  • Wok stand and small pot feature included (for all kinds of meals)
  • Dual control wok burner
  • Precise inner and outer ring flame control
  • Adjustable wok stand/support
  • Flat finger cast iron can support
  • We’re great for small spaces!
  • Developed in conjunction with world-renowned architects.
  • Distinctive Goldline style
GL4WZ CAST 1440x1440
White LPG Gas Burner

Discover Your Inner Chef with the LPG Gas Cooktops

From the beginning it became clear that Goldine’s technical ability combined with passion for architectural principles would shine through.

The Classic range Goldline LPG range is recognised by the distinctive and now famous burner placement and power.

The Classic Goldline cooked tops have been fashioned in Australian homes for over 35 years now, and is now considered a design masterpiece – intuitive to use, ergonomic and stylish.

Our complete LPG gas cooktop range was designed with you in mind, to help you rediscover your love of cooking.

We’ve upgraded a variety of our most beloved stovetop solutions with an LPG option, so you can choose the style that’s right for you.

What’s more, all Goldline models come with a high-powered wok burner included – complete with an 18-megajoule rating.

With both 90 and 60cm cooktops available, you’ll find the stovetop that fits your kitchen like a glove.

What’s more, because we only use the best materials for our stovetops, you can rest assured that your new investment will stand the test of time.

Whether you’re hosting a delicious event or cooking dinner for two, Goldline’s LPG range is perfect for any occasion.

Even better? We’ll also help you to find an oven that suits your budget.

Goldline combines state-of-the-art materials and cooktop ranges with affordable prices, to help you get the kitchen of your dreams.

For more than 30 years, we’ve helped flourishing chefs leverage their passion for food. Come and find out what kind of magic you can cook up with a Goldline stovetop.

Goldline is excited to announce that we’re also growing our small space solution range. In the coming months, you’ll see a wide range of options for city apartments, student accommodation, and small kitchens alike!


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