MasterChef 2020 Season Finale

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The season finale of MasterChef was both emotional and exciting. Ending with two extremely talented chefs Emelia Jackson and Laura Sharrad—no one knew what to expect. When Emelia Jackson heard her name announced as the winner, even she seemed like she couldn’t believe she had won. 

After a few moments of shock, Emelia Jackson went over to hug her competitor Laura Sharrad. Although Melbourne currently has a strict social distancing rule that excludes hugging, the producers still added it to the show. 

Both competitors had put their heart and soul into the show, and Emelia Jackson wanted to comfort her friend Laura Sharrad. During filming, the two had shared an apartment, so they were exempted from the “no hugging rule.” The two were reportedly also very close friends, despite being fierce competitors. 

The Final Three-Course Meal

For the final course, the two finalists had to cook a three-course meal for judges. The finalists also had to prepare for the previously eliminated contestants on the season. 

Though both chefs are incredibly talented, it was Jackson’s pistachio almond cake with fresh plums and raspberry sorbet that gave her the competitive edge. Whereas she had been eliminated during the dessert round in Season 6, this time it was her saving grace. 

 In the end, both contestants embraced, showing no hard feelings for the ending. Laura Sharrad is still a widely renowned Italian chef who has a promising career ahead. The show has undoubtedly given her more recognition in the press and should make her more successful, even if she didn’t win MasterChef

The Winner: Emelia Jackson 

With the gold trophy and quarter of a million-dollar prize, Emelia Jackson’s life is changed forever. Though she already has a successful cake business, she still has great plans for the future. 

The money will give her more freedom to expand the business without having to be so involved in everyday operations. Though she wants to open a patisserie in the future, COVID-19 means those plans will have to wait. 

In the meantime, Jackson plans to start selling packaged cake mixes. She believes pre-mixed batter can also be delicious!

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