MasterChef Australia 2021: The Top 3 Revealed

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MasterChef Australia 2021: The Top 3 Revealed

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Let’s face it—MasterChef Australia has been a favourite fan show because of its challenging yet entertaining cooking tests. All the contestants have participated in mystery boxes, challenges and pressure to see how they can cope, and only three contestants have made it to this year’s competition. 



The three remaining contestants have faced many challenges and hurdles to get to this position. Even though they’ve all encountered difficulties, their journeys and experiences have been vastly different. From their food dreams and style of cuisine to how they’ve incorporated a unique flair to the kitchen, it’s fair to say they’ve all been exceptional in their way. 


However, what they all share is that they’ve managed to impress the judges with their fantastic cooking techniques up to this point. Their great impression in judges’ eyes makes it hard for us to have a conclusive prediction on who might emerge victorious. 


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The Journey Of The Three Finalists

As we approach the end, we should appreciate the work and effort the finalists have put throughout the entire period. But who are the three finalists? Let’s have a look at Pete, Justin and Kishwar’s incredible journey to the Australian MasterChef finals. 


1. Kishwar


Starting with Kishwar—She told the judges on her first appearance that it was her dream to share the tasty Bengali cuisine with them. Further, she explained that she was ready and willing to work hard and be the best in Australian MasterChef. 


Kishwar has been arguably the best as she is battling out for the MasterChef crown this year. And since she’s worn her Australian MasterChef apron, she hasn’t been disappointed. Besides, Kishwar has continuously impressed the judges with her delicacies consisting of her warm and rich curries and pink peppercorns to make a dish swing. And her ability to blend flavours has kept her in this competition up to this far. 


Kishwar’s good heart has made fans across the globe love Kishwar in the last few weeks but with the help of her amazing dishes that she has presented before the judges. 

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2. Pete

On the other hand, Pete has also done exemplary well. As his nickname “King of conceptual dishes” suggests, he’s been a revelation throughout the Australian MasterChef campaign. He is soft-spoken and only lets his great dishes speak for him. 


Pete has become better in each episode throughout the competition with his experience in fine-dining and strikingly plated dishes. Even though he uses simple ingredients to create the best delicacies, he’s managed to be in the last round of the show. 


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His creative culinary skills made him the first contestant to secure a ticket to the final. Pete continues to prove to the judges that they made the right decision in choosing him. He brings the best out of all the ingredients he uses.  


3. Justin

Timing is everything, and Justin is the precise definition as he took quite some time to adjust and has now made it into the finals. The judges and fans started to see the best of Justin halfway through the competition when he began to show his newly acquired skills. 


After finding his form, Justin dishes became superb. The judges were blown away and wondered how he had made an impact so fast. Justin is now closer to his main goal, and his experience will play a significant role in how the competition will unfold for him. 


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