Masterchef Australia Contestant Depinder Makes Hearty Butter Chicken

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Season 13 of Australian Masterchef has caused a lot of excitement and buzz across the globe. The enthusiasm results from two Indians who took centre stage to show the world their culinary experience. The two Masterchef contestants who gave other participants a run for their money have made the Masterchef show more popular with their fantastic cooking recipes.

Out of the two Indian origin contestants, Depinder Chhibber is the one who caused a lot of excitement as she managed to impress the judges with her top-notch creativity and delicious flavours of Indian food.

This time, the Indian origin contestant was at her very best as she won many people’s hearts yet again through paying homage to her hometown (New-Delhi). How? By preparing a delicious hearty dish of butter chicken which was remarkable.

Chhibber shared multiple pictures displaying the highly delicious dish, making our mouths water. Depinder also made the finest accompaniments of mint chutney and pickled onions and soft lachha parathas to go with the tangy and succulent butter chicken.

The pictures Depinder posted were followed by a sweet caption that said that she prepared one of her favourite dishes of all time on that night—the delicious Butter Chicken with pickled onions, lachha parathas, and mint chutney.

She went on to say she had promised herself she wouldn’t cook the Butter Chicken on season 13 of Australian Masterchef, but when she saw her family on the screen, she couldn’t help herself.

Depinder further explained that the Butter chicken with lachha parathas, pickled onions, and mint chutney reminds her a lot about her childhood and the famous restaurants of her hometown (New Delhi), especially Moti Mahal, where the great experience all started. She described the dish as the most googled dish of all time.

Who first noticed butter chicken? Butter chicken originated in the 1950s in a famous New Delhi restaurant that Kundan Lal Jaggi founded. They are the reason why Depinder is exciting a lot of the judges of Australian Masterchef and us.

Any Indian will tell you that the dish is divine. Only a bite into the spiced creamy and juicy butter chicken is enough to relax your mind and please your soul. It leaves you craving more butter chicken.

Besides butter chicken being eaten as a curry, the great and versatile dish can be eaten in many ways and forms. For example, it can be devoured as a pizza topping with pasta and buggers, which is impressive.

For sure, it will be hard for us to forget Depinder as she continues to impress with her exceptional Indian origin culinary creations.

Has the talk of butter chicken made your mouth water and ready to make a dish for yourself? Here are some Butter Chicken recipes you can try out:
1. Butter Chicken Noodles
Add a great twist to your butter chicken by incorporating yummy noodles or spaghetti to have a fantastic food experience.
2. Butter Chicken Twin Burgers
Add spicy, mouth-watering tikka masala to your chicken, combine it with creamy butter, and put it between your toasted bun. Trust me, it tastes wonderful.
3. Butter Chicken Biryani
Make fragrant rice made with ghee and layered with your butter chicken, crunchy nuts and sweet fried onions for a great experience.
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