Masterchef Show Australia: Why Did Brent Draper Quit the Show?

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Masterchef Show Australia: Why Did Brent Draper Quit the Show? 

For anyone who’s a fan of the Masterchef Show, Australia, you would be worried that Brent Draper quit the show as one of the popular Masterchef contestants. In this article, we review the reasons behind the untimely leaving of this Australia’s popular show. 

Brent Draper Drops Out 

Brent Draper, a popular Masterchef Show contestant from Queensland, made it public before one of the Aussie’s popular shows that he needed to drop out and deal with some issues. 


It was such a dramatic turn when Brent, who many people follow, spoke to one of the judges, Jock Zonfrillo, that he would no longer take part in the show. 


According to Brent, he was dropping out to sort out his health issues as it affected his cooking, sleep and everything directly related to the competition. In his statement, he didn’t want to quit, but it was his only last option. 


“I think I’ve come to the point where that’s all that’s going to help me. Getting home, sorting myself out,” said Brent. 

Judges Visibly Upset Following Brent’s Exit

It was clear that nobody expected such sad news, and you could notice it from the judges and contestants. Even worse, the episode ended with Brent leaving the kitchen, with fans wondering what he’ll do next. 


After the show, Brent took it to Instagram to address his followers and explain what happened or why he had to leave the show in such an unexpected way. 


In his Instagram post, he revealed that things began to fall apart when his mom fell ill before the Masterchef filming started. Then it all got worse when they went into quarantine, admitting that quarantine has never been any fun because he has once been there—not once but twice. 


That’s not enough—Brent Draper had health complications during Christmas, which ended him up in an emergency overnight. 


The passing away of his grandmother and him going into quarantine a second time complicated everything. From all these, Brent Draper admitted that he developed anxiety, making him concentrate less on the show. 

Brent Draper is Sorry for His Fans 

According to Brent, he felt he wasn’t dealing with all these issues correctly and made him have sleepless nights, leading him into panic attacks in the night. 


“My mind just disconnected. I was thinking the worst of the worst,” Draper said.


While all this was sad to watch on his Instagram post, Brent’s video on Instagram ended well, assuring his followers that he had been recovering since he left the show. 


He notified his followers that he saw a psychologist and a doctor help him overcome all these traumas and return to shape. He also affirmed that he was still cooking with his family and would get back on track soon. 


“It’s been a couple of months since that episode, and I’m feeling better,” Brent said. “The train’s back on its tracks,” he added. 

Catch the Next Masterchef Australia Show

There are still more positives, and the Masterchef Australian show continues to rock. Catch episode 42 this Tuesday, 15th June 2021. You can stream the show live on Amazon Prime Video or Hotjar.


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