Meat Smoker Australia: Smoking Meat in Goldine’s Pizza Oven

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Smoking meat adds a new dimension of flavour to alfresco dining. Smoked meat is tender, juicy, and has that delicious smoky taste. Although smoking food for the first time might seem daunting, it’s easy with a few tips and steps. 

In this article, we’ll share our best tips, tricks, and processes for smoking meat. Smoking meat is best done in a meat smoker Australia, such as the Goldline 3 in 1 pizza oven. It conveniently turns from a pizza oven into a charcoal smoker, and can also be used as a grill!

Smoking Meat 101: How To Smoke Meat 

Smoking meat involves placing the cuts on low, indirect heat for several hours. The slow cooking process breaks down the collagen and fats in the meat. This makes the pork, ham, or chicken juicy and tender. 

As the old saying goes, good food takes time—smoking meat is no exception. Be sure to set aside at least four hours to smoke the meat in the meat smoker Australia. You’ll also want to marinate the meat for several hours or even overnight. 

The two main methods of smoking are hot smoking and cold smoking. Hot smoking cooks and smokes the meat at the same time; cold smoking only enhances the flavour. For cold smoking, the meat should be cooked or cured already. 

Smoking Meat in Goldline’s 3-in-1 Pizza Oven

Before using the Goldline 3-in-1 Pizza Oven for the first time, you’ll want to cure it. First, heat the oven to 200°C—refer to the integrated thermometer in the pizza oven for preciseness. Then, lower the heat down to 100°C and let it smoke for a few hours. 

You can use the Goldline meat smoker in Australia with either charcoal or wood. So, add either wood chips or charcoal to the oven. Then, light it and let it heat up for about 20 minutes. The ideal smoking temperature is between 105°C and 130°C. Finally, fill the water pan with water to create the vapour and add the meat. 

A rule of thumb is to cook every 500g of meat for about 1-½ hours. Make sure that the temperature doesn’t exceed 130°C by referring to the meat smoker thermometer. 

Goldline’s Versatile Pizza Oven

Unlike other meat smokers, the Goldline Pizza oven isn’t just a smoker. It has a host of other functions and features that allow you to cook many different dishes. 

The first alternative way you can use it is as a pizza oven. The lower chamber of the grill heats up to scorching temperatures to cook wood-fired pizza. It also comes with a stone pizza plate to help you make an extra crispy crust. 

The top part of the pizza oven also serves as a grill. Since you can use wood or charcoal, the food can have distinct flavours. You can grill vegetables, pork, chicken, or any other BBQ-friendly food. 

Order the Goldline Pizza Oven today and enjoy the versatility of smoking and grilling with the same piece of equipment in your backyard!


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