6 Most Popular Kitchen Trends in 2021

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The all-white kitchen trend doesn’t seem to go out of style any time soon, but there are more kitchen trends in 2021 that you’ll equally love. Whether you love naturals or a mix of different colours, these kitchen trends in 2021 are going to blow your mind. 

And don’t worry, even if you already have expensive kitchen appliances or have chosen the best kitchen design ever. You can still make your kitchen even better using these trendy kitchen ideas in 2021. That said, below are some of the most popular kitchen ideas to implement. 

6 Most Popular Kitchen Trends in 2021

1. Concealed Kitchens 

Having a small living space is even an advantage to more kitchen innovations. For example, using different moving systems, you can hide various appliances and functional space. 

You can utilise the space you have in your kitchen by combining your relaxing, cooking and dining areas into one room. For example, you can choose to design a big living room with the kitchen tucked in one of its ends. 

Concealed kitchens are flexible, so transitioning from your kitchen to the dining area becomes effortless. You can make your cooking area invisible, and the door panels have decorative beautiful wall finishes. 

2. Terra Cotta Tiles 

Tiles were perceived as a backsplash, but not anymore. Instead, tiles are becoming more popular and can give kitchens a new look. If you love neutral kitchens with more interest in the visuals, Terra Cotta tiles are going to be your best match. 

More people are abandoning the idea of upper cabinetry and adopting beautiful tile work or creating some backsplash around their kitchen. With this approach, your kitchen doesn’t just look beautiful but also appears larger. 

Most people think of garden shops and potted plants when they hear about Terra Cotta. However, you can have a traditional yet beautiful kitchen if you combine Terra Cotta with soapstone countertops and brass hardware.  

3. Moody Kitchen is Going to be on the Rise 

If people ditch the all-white kitchen design, more people will jump into the dark or moody kitchen. This kitchen design is sleek and will get your mood back even when you feel tired of getting into your kitchen. 

The advantage of moody kitchens is that they are flexible and can take any style. However, your primary focus should be on the colour scheme you’ll use—dark grey being the most preferred colour among many people. 

4. We’re Going to See More of Handleless Designs

The modern kitchen design ideas are about free-flowing designs with a more reduced look. Closed and push-open innovations have made it possible to do away with handles in cabinets and walls. 

If you have decided that you will no longer use push-open pantries, choosing recessed handles will be the best option because they also offer the same sleek design. The best of all is that you can line this with some contrasting colours of your choice. 

5. More Gold Finishes

Now that you have various options to choose from, you can get your faucets in different finishes and colours. And by the way, your kitchen design average cost doesn’t have to add up too much. However, you must ensure that you choose the right colours, shapes, and sizes as these factors will influence the overall look of your kitchen. 

How kitchen sinks are made, have also improved. Apart from just offering their primary importance, sinks should also provide some aesthetic value to the user. That said, we’re going to see more gold finishes to improve the overall look of sinks and kitchens in general. People are no longer looking for just functionalities but classic styles. 

6. Many Kitchens Will be Painted 

The year 2021 will see more people calling for more repainting in their kitchens. You can repair Hand-painted kitchens, and they age even better. They’re flexible, so you can repaint using a new paint whenever the initial colour doesn’t impress you anymore. 

Hand painting is one of the best varied and most appealing finishes for kitchens today. They give kitchens a traditional look while also maintaining the classical looks you need. 

The main advantage of hand painting kitchens is the wide range of colour choices. Whether you have contemporary or urban homes, you will find colours that suit your needs with the various colour options. 

Kitchen Trends 2021 is Here 

Everyone loves a gorgeous kitchen, and with these new kitchen trends in 2021, you can expect an incredible kitchen design ever. 

While you have many options to choose from and make your kitchen look just the way you want it to, getting creative will also play a significant role in ensuring that your kitchen is just what you needed it to be. 

If you’re stuck with designing your kitchen or don’t have an idea of what kitchen trends in 2021 can best suit your kitchen, please reach out to us, and we’ll give you a few insights. 



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