My Kitchen Rules 2020 Reveals Release Date

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Lovers of culinary TV shows are in for a real treat!

The highly anticipated arrival of My Kitchen Rules is now so close that we can almost taste it! For the first time, starting Sunday, February 2nd, five teams will be battling it out for the title in a challenge that includes Chef vs Chef and House vs House competitions.

The date for “My Kitchen Rules: The Rivals” was officially released just a short time before its impending arrival on Sunday, February 2nd.

The producers released a trailer and sneak-peak as well as the airing date, which shows just how high the stakes at hand are. The show will feature a fierce rivalry between renowned Chef-captains Manu Feidel and Colin Fassnidge. Their teams will battle it out for not only the winning title but a grand AU$100,000 prize too!

Ready for Battle

Long-term lovers of the My Kitchen Rules TV show are sure to be enticed by the promise of both more of their favourite kitchen antics, and a new set of never-seen-before challenges.

The updated version of the show will combine popular aspects of the My Kitchen Rules experience with thrilling new ideas, like head-to-head battles between five fantastic teams.

Colin will be leading a team of chef hopefuls who are brand-new to the MKR kitchen. On the other hand, Manu will be leading a team of past cast favourites who already have plenty of experience wowing audiences with their mouthwatering creations.

The two teams – the Champions vs the Challengers – are expected to thrill audiences, who are in for some genuinely sensational rivalry as they watch their favourite teams fight for supremacy.

All of the contestants will be living together in an updated mansion, which should allow for some pretty interesting onscreen interactions as the rivalry between the chefs and houses continues to grow.

Contestant teams are sure to create some of the most incredible dishes that we’ve ever seen on MKR. What’s more, everyone has their eye on that mouthwatering AU$100,000 prize.

Introducing Colin’s Contestants

Colin’s contestants consist of five teams of two, including:

Jac and Shaz from QLD:

Cousins Shaz and Jac stole hearts in season 6 of MKR with their fantastic personalities. This year, they promise that they’ve learned from their past mistakes, and have updated their dessert recipes knowledge.

Jake and Elle from QLD:

Sibling duo Jake and Elle were runners-up in Season 4, and now they’re back to shake the title of second-best. The two say that they’ve gained a lot of experience since their last appearance on MKR and refuse to lose again.

Sue Ann and Sylvia from VIC:

Sue Ann and Sylvia, childhood friends from Malaysia, reconnected in Melbourne. These pals are excited for an opportunity to show off their passion for delicious Malaysian recipes and incredible food. We should see some genuinely exotic meals from these two.

Kaylene and Kerry from WA/QLD:

Army sisters Kaylene and Kerry are a fantastic team that appear happy-go-lucky but are willing to fight for their chance at the title. The couple says that they’re ready to have a laugh and some fun, but also be serious when they need to be.

Mark and Lauren from VIC:

Professional poker player Mark and his sister Lauren are ready to shake up the competition this year. Mark says that he’s going to be “reading the table” to make sure that he can figure out what it’s going to take to win.

Make sure to tune in on Sunday, February 2nd, to meet all the teams!


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