At Goldline we have 30 years of experience in the cooking industry cooktops in Australia.

Sleek glass finish that is easy to clean so you can live your best life and impress your guests.

Goldline cooktops are a 1/3 of the price of their competitors and do not require you to buy expensive induction pots and pans.

The temperature on an electric cooktop is simple to control. The same heat stage setting are always be at the same temperature, making it easier to cook food predictably.

In many parts of regional Australia natural gas is limited. By using an electric cooktop regional Australians are able to utilise gas supply for showers or warming their home.

State of the Art Safety Features. The sensitive residual heat indicators remain red when the stovetop is slightly hot.

Environmentally Friendly. With an electric cooktop you do not need to worry about gas pollution and gas fumes lingering in your kitchen while cooking.

All our cooktops come with a 2 Year Warranty including any manufacturing faults and defects.

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