Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

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5 Amazing Outdoor Kitchen Ideas to Inspire You 

Kitchens are more than just a place to cook food. 

Used correctly, these incredible environments dubbed the “heart of the home” offer a fantastic location for bonding, entertainment, and making precious family memories. If you love a little alfresco dining, then the right outdoor kitchen is the perfect opportunity to bring your cooking dreams to life. 

Of course, for many people, choosing the right design for their outdoor kitchens is easier said than done. Not only do you need to purchase the perfect gas cooktop, complete with crucial safety features, but you also need to build an environment that’s going to be comfortable and welcoming in every season. 

Quick Inspiration: Amazing Outdoor Kitchens

As daunting as building an amazing outdoor kitchen can be – it’s something that a lot of families accomplish with the right planning and a little professional help. All you need is some design inspiration, a few tips to get you started, and a professional to finish off the design to standard. 

For instance, here are some fantastic homes that are sure to give you some fantastic outdoor kitchen ideas:

  1. This alfresco kitchen and dining area in Perth is all about functionality and performance. There’s a stunning gas cooktop, a barbecue grill, a teppanyaki plate, and a fully integrated rangehood to explore. The ceiling even has heaters included for year-round comfort.
  2. Another fantastic kitchen located in Sydney’s Eastern suburbs, this dining area is built for entertaining and meaningful moments with family. 

There’s a retractable sun cover, for protection during summer, and a see-through set of screens to defend against insects. 

3. Custom-made and brimming with personality, this Melbourne outdoor kitchen is made with extra-wide Merbau boards and comfortable wicker furniture.  

The wood-fired oven ensures that the family can create truly unique Med-style meals effortlessly.

     4. This Perth property harnesses pure elegance with its outdoor kitchen by showcasing all the benefits of an outdoor kitchen for a beach-side home. There is shared access to an ice-maker, walk-in cooling room, and commercial dishwasher, all appliances that make life effortless for any outdoor kitchen.

     5. This riverside home in Brisbane uses a custom-made bench, complete with matched shiplap cladding for a tropical-style space perfect for al fresco dining. There’s plenty of room for a family of six to relax here too.

How to Design Your Outdoor Kitchen

So, how can you create your amazing outdoor kitchen without spending a fortune?

There are a few golden rules to keep in mind. For instance, you’ll need to make sure that you have plenty of comfortable outdoor furniture where your friends and family can relax, without overwhelming the space with clutter. 

Additionally, a cohesive and well-planned colour palette will keep your property value high as you build your kitchen too. 

Most importantly, you’ll need the right cooking essentials, including a gas cooktop that can deliver the power you need to cook incredible meals at any time of the year. Other points to think about include:

  • Access to hot and cold water taps: Cleaning your cooking area can be a messy process, so it’s best to have access to plenty of running water.
  • Gravel pits: A no-maintenance zone for cleaning grill plates and lighting charcoal is a must-have for many outdoor kitchens. 
  • A reliable and spacious workspace: Stainless steel workspaces are often the most natural to clean, durable, and very hygienic for food preparation. Consider your worktop needs carefully to keep your food prep free of unnecessary inconveniences. 
  • Proximity to dining and kitchen rooms: If your guests want to eat indoors while you cook outside, they shouldn’t have to walk across the house to do so. Make sure that your outdoor kitchen is close to your indoor kitchen and dining room if possible. 
  • A range of quality burners: Ensure that your gas cooktop comes with a selection of burner options. Solutions from Goldline help you to make the most out of all your favourite cooking styles and make cooking as simple as possible to keep you concentrating on what matters.  

Ready to start building your outdoor kitchen? Contact the team at Goldline today! 


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