How to Upgrade Your Outdoor Kitchens Australia

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If you’re Australian, chances are you love to BBQ and dine outside with your friends and family. As people spend more time at home during social isolation, outdoor kitchens in Australia are becoming more popular.

This article will help you upgrade your outdoor kitchen in terms of design, layout, and appliances. You’ll be ready for year-round alfresco dining after reading our expert tips. This Christmas, we’re also offering a special bundle with our Outdoor Pizza Oven and Camp Oven to help you update your outdoor kitchen appliances affordably. 

Outdoor Kitchens Design in Australia 

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When designing your outdoor kitchen, the aesthetics should flow effortlessly from the indoor to outdoor space. This will increase your home’s value and give your area a more feng shui effect. You can use plants, furniture and cushions to create a unique style. 

You can also use matching stainless steel or black appliances to create a seamless look. All of Goldline’s indoor cooktops and outdoor ovens compliment each other with sharp black colours and stainless steel metal.  

Functional Layout

For the best results, your outdoor kitchen should follow the ‘golden triangle’ layout. This means you should position the sink, stove, and refrigerator in a triangle shape with no more than 1.8 metres between each element. 

The triangular layout will make it easier to move around as you make meals, especially if you’re used to cooking with more than one person. Also, be sure to maximise storage with storage bins and outdoor drawers. That way, you can keep everything looking neat and organised in your outdoor kitchen in Australia. 

High-Quality Appliances 

It’s best to find high quality, well-fitting appliances to match the space like the Goldline’s 3 in 1 Pizza Oven and Camp Stove. These are the perfect appliance upgrades for your outdoor kitchen as they’re energy-efficient and versatile. 

Choosing the right appliances means considering the kinds of things you’ll be cooking. You may need a grill for cooking excellent cuts of meat & sausages, or a plate for searing vegetables and fish. 

With the Goldline Outdoor Pizza Oven, you can use the appliance as a grill, pizza oven, and charcoal oven. The lower shelf can hold food or serve as cookware storage, which is very convenient. It’s also compatible with both charcoal or wood, which is perfect for cooking things at different temperatures. 

In a limited time deal, it also comes with a Camp Stove to help you make soups and other gourmet dishes on the go. It’s perfect for grilling, BBQs, heating wood or charcoal, boiling tea, and cooking while camping. So, you can either use it as an additional outdoor kitchen appliance or as a camping stove when you’re on the go. 

Upgrade Your Outdoor Kitchens Australia with Goldline Appliances 

For more information about our outdoor kitchen appliances for Australian homes, contact us today. We’re available at 03 9799 9660 to answer any questions you may have about our products. Our combo deal of the Goldline Outdoor Pizza Oven & Camp Stove will last until Christmas, so don’t miss out! 




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