Build the kitchen of your dreams with Goldline’s Oven Range

We are proud to announce the arrival of Goldline’s new & improved oven range in Mildura. Sleek and modern in design and boasting a host of exciting new features, our ovens will make a welcome addition to your home. Perfect for home cooks & professionals alike, we have ovens to suit both lifestyle & budget. So if you’re looking to buy an oven in Mildura, be sure to check out our new range.

So, when you buy your oven, you can feel good knowing you’re supporting local jobs and the economy. And, because your safety is paramount, you can rest assured that your new oven has met some of Australia’s highest safety & quality standards. Not to mention, our new ovens fit seamlessly with our cooktops which will complement your kitchen perfectly!

At Goldline, we know that cooking isn’t just about getting food on the table. It’s about the family coming together to share a meal and quality time. It’s about passing down time-honoured traditional recipes to future generations. And it’s about having the best oven to do all of that.

We know you’re passionate about providing your family with healthy and nutritious meals. However, we understand you don’t always have endless hours to spend in the kitchen. So with that in mind, we created a multifunctional oven that does the hard work for you! Cleverly crafted for you, the home chef, we’ve designed our ovens to make your job easier so you can spend more time doing the things you love. You can now cook various dishes simultaneously, saving you time and energy.

Our ovens can cater for any type of cooking. So whether you’re cooking for a crowd or preparing a family meal, a Goldline oven is a perfect choice.

Although there are other similar premium ovens in the market, the incredible value for money sets us apart. All of our kitchen appliances are affordable as well as functional & stylish. So you know you’re getting the best oven for the best price without compromising quality.

Our ovens work hard, so you don’t have to. So regardless if you’re an aspiring home chef or an everyday cook, we have your perfect oven.

The 75L , Extra large Oven (with 85L gross capacity). Gives you plenty of extra space for cooking larger meals all at once. Best suitable for cooking huge family meals.

Triple layer Glazing door which is heat proof and is easily removable for cleaning.

The oven entails a large black Glass door that provides a huge viewing window.

The shiny black finish provides an aesthetic look to your kitchen with Black aluminum handle , Black aluminum alloy knob, and Black stainless steel body with Anti-fingerprints.

Easy to place your dishes with the help of side rack panels.

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