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When you’re cooking in your outdoor kitchen, convenience is key for an enjoyable experience. Especially if you have a small space, you’ll want multifunctional appliances. The Goldline Outdoor Pizza Oven can double as a pizza oven smoker combo plus grill, creating a unique 3 in 1 instrument. 

In this article, we’ll show you how to create a pizza oven smoker combo. That way, in addition to delicious pizzas, you can also make tender smoked meats and side dishes. 

How to Turn Your Oven into a Smoker

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To turn your pizza oven into a smoker, open the grill’s bottom damper, then put lit coals on top of it. Be sure to keep all the coals on one side, so your food can cook properly. 

Add coals until the pizza oven smoker combo reaches around 121°C, or until you can hold your hand over the coals for two seconds. Anything longer than 2 seconds means you need to add more coals. Goldline’s pizza oven smoker combo features a built-in thermometer to make this process easier. 

Once the temperature is right, add the wood. It’s crucial to avoid mesquite wood or pine, which can ruin your food. Instead, use something like hickory, apple, or cherry. 

After the process of adding coals and wood, replace the grate. Then, put your meat or vegetables on the opposite side of the coals. Finally, put the lid on with the lid’s damper right above the meat. 

How to Use a Smoker Oven

Once you add the meat or vegetables, the temperature will drop to around 100°C. You want to maintain that temperature by adding coals periodically. 

Aside from when you’re adding coals, make sure to keep the lid closed. Since it’s a smoker and not open fire, your food should cook evenly. 

After about 4 hours, the meat should be ready. You’ll know it’s ready when the meat is pulling away from the bones a bit. The meat should ideally be limp, but not breaking apart. 

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Goldline’s Pizza Oven Smoker Combo

With Goldline’s Wood Fired Pizza Oven, the process of using your pizza oven as a smoker is incredibly simple. 

It comes with a drawer for coal, so you won’t have to open and close the lid on the grill as you cook. The exhaust chimney makes it easily convert from a pizza oven and grill into a smoker. Additionally, there is a pull-out ashtray for easy cleaning without a lot of tools. 

Since it comes with an integrated thermometer, you can be sure that you’re cooking your food at the right temperature. This makes smoking meats like ribs, pork belly, and turkey so much easier. 

Besides, you can use this one piece of equipment as a wood-fired pizza oven as well. Your guests will be amazed at the restaurant-style quality of your homemade pizzas. 

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