Pyrolytic Ovens: How They Will Save Us Time and Money

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Thinking about replacing your old oven for a pyrolytic oven? You may have heard about pyrolytic ovens in the past, and perhaps you’re wondering what all the fuss is about. Can these ovens really clean themselves? Will they save you time and money? 

To find out the answers to these questions and more, keep reading! 

What is a pyrolytic oven?

Pyrolytic ovens (or self-cleaning ovens as they’re otherwise known) are ovens that, you guessed it, clean themselves. 

For many homeowners, cleaning the oven is a cumbersome chore that often gets overlooked and put off until your oven gets really dirty. But if you have a pyrolytic oven, cleaning your oven is no longer required, saving you time and money! 

How does it work? 

Pyrolytic ovens clean themselves with minimal human involvement, which is great news for home chefs! But how does it work exactly? 

Essentially, pyrolytic ovens have a self-cleaning mode that heats the oven up to a very high temperature, effectively burning the grease and grime in your oven to ash. 

During a cleaning cycle, most pyrolytic ovens will lock automatically to prevent injuries and burns. A typical cycle can take anywhere between one and three hours. 

Once the cycle is complete all you need to do is sweep out the ash from the bottom of the oven. Easy! 

Are pyrolytic ovens really effective? 

In short: yes! Pyrolytic ovens make the chore of cleaning your oven a thing of the past. No more nasty, harsh chemicals. Pyrolytic ovens are a great way to save you time in the kitchen and save you money on cleaning products. 

They’re safe too – residual heat is kept inside the oven through insulation. While the oven is on a self-cleaning cycle it will remain locked. The oven only unlocks when it has cooled down enough and is safe to do so. 

Won’t all the extra heat make my kitchen really hot? 

No it won’t! While pyrolytic ovens can heat up to 400 degrees when self-cleaning, all that extra heat is contained behind many layers of insulation. 

This means that while your pyrolytic oven is in use, the oven door should only be as hot to touch as it would be when using it for regular cooking. 

How will a pyrolytic oven save me money? Won’t the extra heat increase my energy bill?

Pyrolytic ovens function more or less exactly the same as a regular electric oven and use about the same amount of energy when cooking. 

The higher heat required for the self-cleaning cycle does require slightly more energy to run, but only marginally so. We estimate that each cleaning cycle you run only adds an extra dollar onto your energy bill – which is much less than most oven cleaners you’ll buy at the supermarket. 

Our Goldline Pyrolytic Oven even comes with an ECO mode, helping to keep your energy costs lower and in turn saving you money.  

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