Rare Painting Found in Woman’s Kitchen

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What’s hiding in your kitchen?

A masterpiece painting linked to a 13th-century Italian artist has been found hanging in a French woman’s kitchen recently. Experts believe that the artwork will sell for millions at the upcoming auction. The piece, which is titled “Christ Mocked” depicts Christ surrounded by people. Some people have said its part of a larger Cimabue painting that was created in 1280.
The discovery of the new artwork is huge not just for the woman who had it hanging in her kitchen, but for the history of the art world too. The piece is only small, measuring around 20 by 24 centimeters, but it could have a big impact on the art world.

An Amazing Discovery

Up until recently, the fantastic painting was hanging on a wall between the dining room and kitchen of a home in France, Compiegne. The woman who owned the painting didn’t think it was very important until an auctioneer suggested bringing the item to an expert when looking for items to sell in her house. Cimabue, the painter who taught the Italian expert Giotto, is considered by many to be one of the leading artists in the Italian Renaissance. Cimabue helped to break away from the popular Byzantine style of painting that was common in the middle ages, and incorporated elements of perspective and movement that echoed throughout the history of Western art.

After examining the find, specialists from Turquin Gallery said that it bore all the hallmarks of Cimabue’s work. There were clear similarities with two panels from Cimabue’s diptych, which are currently displayed at the New York Frick collection, and the London National Gallery. Similarities in the buildings and facial expressions painted by the artist highlight its authenticity.

An independent consultant from England said that the French discovery has caused excitement in various parts of the world. It’s incredible to see that there are still important paintings in the world that are yet to be discovered. This will be the first Cimabue painting to be put up for sale at the end of October, and experts predict a sale value of anywhere up to 9.7 million.

What’s in Your Kitchen?

Elsewhere, in Adelaide, discoveries of a less exciting nature happened when a woman found a meter long snake hiding in her kitchen stovetop. The woman found the eastern brown snake when it slithered past her on the kitchen floor. When the woman phoned an expert to capture the snake, he found it coiled within the wires of the stove. It just goes to show that you can discover some truly amazing things in the kitchen.


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