Single Burner Outdoor Cooktops

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Outdoor Cooktop 

The Single Burner Gas Stove from Goldline is perfect for any outdoor occasion. Whether you’re having a beautiful dinner party in the summer evening or a sunny day of BBQ grilling, the outdoor cooktop is essential. 

In this blog, we’re going to cover how to set up your outdoor kitchen with the best outdoor cooktops. Let’s dive right in. 

What to Consider When Looking for a Single Burner Cooktop 

A single burner outdoor cooktop is an excellent asset for a small kitchen or outdoor entertainment area.

Here are some of the features of the single burner cooktop:  

  • Superior safety with the flame failure device (FFD): Safety is assured with the FFD feature which cuts the gas line as soon as the flame is extinguished. 
  • Convenient electronic ignition. Push to start your cooktop to get the fire running. 
  • High powered wok burner.  The solid brass wok burner can withstand harsh weather and heat. 
  • Precision heating. Use the easy-to-use control knobs to go from “simmer” to “high-heat.”
  • Cast iron trivets available. Removable trivets make cleaning a breeze. 

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Finding the Perfect Outdoor Cooktop 

Power is an important aspect when searching for a single burner cooktop. Goldline’s model consists of a high powered wok burner on a glass cooktop. This ensures precise cooking results, whether you’re grilling vegetables or meat. 

Durability is also an essential factor as the outdoor cooktop will be exposed to the elements. Goldline’s single burner is sourced from high-quality black glass and polished metal trim. It combines style and durability in an elegant design. 

Versatility is also a significant consideration for outdoor cooktops. Luckily, Goldline’s range of single burner cooktops can be used with natural gas or liquid petroleum gas (LPG). You can cook anything from side dishes to individual pot meals with this appliance. 

Save Space and Energy: Cook with an Outdoor Cooktop 

Whether you have a small kitchen or are setting up a kitchenette, an outdoor cooktop is a great accessory. 

These are a few tips to make the most out of your outdoor cooktop:

  • You can make your guests feel like they’re at a beach cookout in your backyard! 
  • You’ll be able to infuse distinct flavour to your meals when you use an outdoor cooktop. 
  • Experiment with cooking in new places, from a concession stand to a summer fundraiser. 
  • Use your outdoor cooktop for your restaurant’s themed or outdoor nights 
  • Try cooking different sized meals, from side dishes to big pots of soup 

If you’re worried about cooking precision, the newly updated knobs on the single burner stovetop allow for exact cooking. 

Browse our GL301 range of gas on glass cooktops to find a style you love. Feel free to reach out to us at Goldline for a free consultation. 

We’re happy to help you configure and install your new outdoor cooktop for a smooth, stress-free shopping experience. 


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