How to Pick the Right Cooktop for Your Space

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A cooktop is one of the essential kitchen appliances. It can, however, be challenging to select the best cooktop to assist you with simple tasks such as making tea or more complex endeavours such as preparing risotto or grilling a steak. Should you choose a small electric stove or a large gas cooktop?

In most houses, the cooktop is a range that includes an oven beneath it. These are excellent and, for the most part, will perform the same functions. But what if you don’t need a range or want to preserve room in your lower cabinets? This is why a built-in cooktop can come in handy.

What Should I Seek In a Cooktop?

1. Size

Most cooktops are 30-36 inches in length and contain four or five burners. A large cooktop is ideal for home chefs who frequently prepare complex recipes and use many burners simultaneously.

Your cooktop will take up counter space, so consider how much room you have to work, depending on how much of your kitchen counter space will be used.

2. Cost

The price of a cooktop will be determined by the number of things you intend to cook on it. Large cooktops will differ in price compared to small electric stoves and depending on the number of burners you require will also impact the price.

However, don’t forget to account for long-term expenditures as well such as energy prices.

3. Durability

Despite being one of the less expensive alternatives, electric coil cooktops do relatively well in durability, especially when compared to electric smooth top cooktops. Generally, the brand and quality of the cooktop you purchase will determine how long it lasts.

Conduct some research to determine the quality of the brands you are eyeing, and check reviews on each specific model that you believe would work best. Make sure to pay close attention to the model’s service requirements.

4. Ease of Cleaning

Electric cooktops in general are easier to clean as it takes little time and effort to wipe away spillages with a damp cloth. Whereas gas cooktops have multiple parts that must be cared for separately when you clean them, however, most gas stove grates are often dishwasher safe; and this varies by model.

5. Venting

If you don’t own a range hood or over-the-range microwave over your cooktop, you’ll need to find a venting solution to expel the steam, smells, and fumes produced when cooking.

A downdraft exhaust system can solve the issue. They aren’t as strong as overhead models, but they may assist in removing pollutants from your kitchen and transporting them outdoors.

Order Your Cooktop Today

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