Smooth vs. Coil Energy Efficient Electric Stoves

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Energy Efficient Electric Stoves

Whether you’re remodelling your kitchen or replacing your stovetop appliance, the choices can seem endless. In this article, we’ll discuss the differences between the two main types of energy-efficient electric stoves: smooth and coil-top. 

If you read until the end, you’ll be able to decide which one better fits your kitchen, style, and budget. 

How It Works: Smooth vs. Coil 

In a coil stove, the electric coils look like spirals of metal material. The electrical wires in the coil heat the metal on the coil burner by conducting electricity. As the coils heat up, they appear to turn orange or red. By turning the digital dial, you can control the temperature of the heat. 

On a smooth electric stove, the coils function the same but sit under the glass stovetop. The wire is heated electrically, which then heats the coils and the surface above them. You can tell they’re hot by a red outline around the heated area. 

The Difference in Price Range 

Budget is often an essential factor when deciding between types of appliances. Since the technology is simpler in coil stoves, they tend to be cheaper. Although, coil-top electric stoves can still come in a range of price points. 

Another factor to consider is repairs. If one of the coils stops working, you can fix it with a replacement coil. Alternatively, fixing a smooth-top electric stove means replacing the whole glass panel. This means repairs can be significantly more expensive for a smooth electric cooktop. 

Comparison in Cooking Efficiency

The traditional coil-top stoves will heat food more efficiently than smooth-top ones. Since the ceramic or glass material doesn’t conduct electricity as well as metal, heating times will be slower. 

One advantage of smooth-top stoves is that they cool down faster. The glass which covers the coils will cool off more quickly than metal. If you have children or pets, the enhanced safety of smooth electric cooktops could be a huge benefit. 

Differences in Cleaning & Maintenance 

The most significant advantage of a smooth-top electric stove is that they’re much easier to clean. Since the stove is made of one continuous piece of glass, you only have to wipe it down. We recommend using a cream cleanser to avoid scratching and smudge marks. 

Removing the coils to clean them can be a hassle. Additionally, food can get stuck in the burners, causing malfunctions in the coil-top ranges. You will also have to clean the drip pans that sit underneath the coil-top stoves. 

The Durability of Smooth vs. Coil Stoves 

Both smooth and coil-top cooktops should last years in your kitchen. A flat-top stove does have the potential for shattering or breakage, so you should always use caution. However, it’s rare for the half-tempered glass piece to break completely. 

You will have to use more care and avoid certain practices when using a glass cooktop. However, its’ sleek-modern aesthetics can stylistically elevate your kitchen. 

Overall, you have to decide on whether a smooth or coil-top stove suits you best. 

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