Your Guide to a Spun Steel Camp Oven

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There’s nothing like making a home-cooked meal over the fire, under the starry night sky. A spun steel camp oven is an essential part of your camping gear collection. With it, you can make more elaborate meals even in the wild. 

When you invest in a steel camp oven, you want to ensure you’re caring for it properly. This will make sure you can use it for many years to come. Our oven experts at Goldline have put together this guide to help you maintain your camp oven

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How To Clean A Steel Camp Oven

Before your next camping trip, don’t forget to clean your camp oven thoroughly. Here are a few pointers to help you clean your camping oven. 

  • Never use cold water. It’s best to use warm water to avoid damaging the steel on an oven. Especially when the stove is hot, never rinse it out with cold water. 
  • Oil the stove after cleaning it. We recommend using a paper towel with a small amount of oil to coat the oven. The oil prevents the build-up of rust on the steel. 
  • Avoid dropping the spun steel camp oven. Be careful not to drop the stove or let it bang against other metal objects. This could dent it and prevent it from heating up properly. 

How To Prevent Rust

The best way to prevent rust is to oil your camp oven after cleaning it. Otherwise, you risk pulling a dirty, rusty old range out of the garage. Also, be sure to store your spun steel camp oven in a cool and dry place. 

When transporting and storing your oven, we recommend using a canvas bag for protection. This will keep all the utensils and oven gear in one place as well. 

How To Cook In A Steel Camp Oven

Camping cooking may come more naturally to some people than others. When cooking, it’s essential to bring all of the ingredients and tools you’ll need. Here are a few of our tips and tricks for cooking in a spun steel camp oven. 

  • Pre-prepare all vegetables before the trip. Chop up commonly used veggies such as onions, peppers, and garlic and store them in a zip-lock bag. This will save you time and keep things organised while cooking. 
  • Don’t forget the aluminium foil! It has such a wide range of uses, from covering dishes to saving leftovers. You can also use it to wrap veggies and meat and throw them on the grill. 
  • Season your camp oven before using. Seasoning a spun steel camp oven starts with scrubbing the bottom with hot soapy water and drying it. Then, rub the interior and lid with oil and let it cool. This process helps the oven be as non-stick as possible. 

Looking for a Spun Steel Camp Oven? 

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