Stove Top Recipes: How Do You Grill on a Stove Top?

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Have you ever thought about whether you could grill on a stovetop? and if so, what stove top recipes you could make? The good news is that you can, but how do you do it? This post will walk you through the elements to consider and what you need to do when grilling food on a stovetop.

1. Choose a Heavy Pan

A single pan occupies the charcoal grill space or the entire gas when grilling food at home. It also gets hot quickly and preserves heat perfectly, so you’ll always get the grill marks you’ve always wanted.

However, if you’re lucky to use a cast iron pan, ensure you season it efficiently as instructed through the manufacturer’s instructions, then gently brush it with canola oil. Only use oil if you’re using other pan types or a non-stick grill pan.

2. Heat Your Grill Pan

To preheat the pan, turn the burners on to medium heat. Next, let the pan absorb heat for about five minutes before you start grilling on it. However, if you don’t preheat the pan for the specified time, the chances are that you’ll end up with overcooked food.

3. Get Some Oil on the Grill to Avoid Food Sticking

Collect a paper towel to form a loose ball and hold it with a pair of tongs to avoid getting burnt in the process. Next, soak the paper towel in vegetable oil and gently polish the surface of your preheated pan grill. This step is essential as it helps avoid food sticking on your grills as you cook.

4. Burn-Proof Your Meat

Pat dry your food, gently rub it with olive oil, and ensure both sides of the food are appropriately seasoned with pepper and salt prior to tossing it over the heated grill.

Whether you’re grilling using a marinade or not, ensure to rub garlic on it and some pieces of herbs with oil to avoid burning. However, only use pepper and salt for steaks such as filet, a rib-eye, or strip.

5. Get Grilling

Ensure your grill pan is on top of the stovetop and adequately heat it until it becomes hot. Slowly and gently turn down the heat to medium-low and stick to the temperature until you finish cooking. Reduce the heat if you notice your pan producing smoke, as this indicates that the heat is still too much.

Once you start grilling, never interfere with the food—instead, let it cook about four to five minutes before spinning it 90 degrees (no need to flip it upside down). You’ll have made a crosshatch pattern like a pro chef. You’ll need to repeat the same process—waiting for the food to cook for about five minutes, then flipping it until it’s ready.

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