The Benefits of 4-Burner Gas Stoves

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4-Burner Gas Stoves

Gas stoves are an essential part of any chef’s arsenal. 4-burner gas stoves are one of the most popular choices for professional chefs because they allow them to get the most bang for their buck. This article is going to go over the main benefits of 4-burner gas stoves.

Bang For Back Performance

The concept of how much “bang for the buck” you get is very prominent in product discussions, and for good reason. It’s the key equation of how much value you get for the money spent on a particular product.

This is where 4-burner gas stoves truly shine since they provide high-capacity performance while generally costing only half the price of 5-burner gas stoves. This makes it more cost-effective for those who are on a limited budget.

4-burner stoves are truly where the price-value graph peaks as anything with more burners end up not being worth the extra cost. Still, there are some situations where stoves with more than four burners may be worthwhile such as restaurants — but even then, getting two 4s is ideal.

Aesthetic Factors

When cooking with 5-burner gas stoves, things can get a bit cramped if you’re working with big pots. While this problem is minor, 4-burner stoves aren’t vulnerable to it due to their spacious layouts that put more distance between each pot or pan.

The layout of 4-burner stoves also tends to look more symmetrical which can compliment certain kitchen styles. These aesthetic factors give 4-burner stoves bonus points against their 5-burner counterparts.

Creative Solutions

If you’re dead set on getting a total five burners on your benchtop but can’t afford any of the more expensive models, there’s still a solution. The best way to get around this problem is by buying a 4-burner gas stove then adding in a solo-burner unit next to it.

This will come out cheaper than buying a 5-burner gas stove and you’ll still get the same total number of burners in the end. Creative solutions like these are the key to getting what you want/need in your kitchen without going above your budget.

Griddle Dilemmas

The common argument that you’ll find on online forums is that 5-burner gas stoves are superior because they come with a griddle while 4-burner models do not. This is actually a valid point since griddles can be very useful when cooking certain dishes.

That being said, there are workarounds to this issue. Custom-fitted griddles can be installed on your 4-burner gas stove. Even when you factor in the griddle cost, 4-burner stoves will still end up being cheaper. Custom griddles also tend to work more efficiently than stock models.


As you can see, the 4-burner gas stove is the pinnacle of premium cooking at a fair price. No matter what your needs are, there’s always a perfect model out there just waiting to be installed in your kitchen.

That’s all for now, stay healthy, and happy cooking!


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