The Difference Between Electric and Induction Cooktops

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The Difference Between Electric and Induction Cooktops

Cooktops are quickly growing in popularity among modern Australian homeowners. 

These fantastic cooking stations give you an opportunity to get more adventurous with your food.

Allowing you to explore new meals that you simply couldn’t create in a standard oven. 

If you invest in a cooktop from a company like Goldline, you’ll get a stylish piece of equipment that you can’t wait to show off to your friends and family too.

This means that you have a more aesthetically pleasing and appealing kitchen when the time comes to sell your home. 

One of the most significant decisions that homeowners need to make is whether they want an electric or induction model.

These options look very similar on the surface, there are some significant differences between them that you’ll need to consider. 

The Difference Between Electric and Induction Cooktops: 

Induction and electric cooktops look very similar from an aesthetic perspective.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that an induction cooktop also relies on electricity as a source of fuel – just like an electric stovetop.

The main difference between both options is the cooking technology that they use. 

Cooking with electricity is one of the most common options throughout the world – it’s how we’ve roasted, sautéed, and simmered our foods for decades. With an electric cooktop, there’s a heating element that warms up underneath a sealed surface to heat your bots and pans. This heating element can either come in the form of a coil element cooktop with an exposed heating coil, or a ceramic glass surface. In a glass cooktop, the heating element is embedded into the surface, creating a smooth cooking space. These options are also known as “radiant” stoves or induction cooktops. 

Since their arrival on the market, electric radiant cooktops have almost wholly eclipsed their coil element counterparts, offering exceptional performance and excellent style to a range of consumers. These radiant tops often heat a lot faster than their exposed coil counterparts and deliver excellent temperature control. 

Exploring Induction Cooktops

To cook with an induction cooktop, you need the right tools. Usually, your cookware will need to be magnetic for it to work on an induction hob. This could mean that you need to invest in a new set of pans and pots for your kitchen.  

Induction cooktops are also a lot more expensive than their counterparts. Although you do get a higher quality of heat control with these options and a more sophisticated looking kitchen, you may find that you need to pay more for the privilege. One good thing about induction cooktops, aside from their exceptional power, is how easy they are to clean. All you need to do is wipe over the surface when you’re done, and the appliance has cooled down. 

Electronic Cook Top by Goldline

Whether you are renovating your period home or building a new kitchen. Our Ceramic Electric Cook Top is just perfect for real chefs in small kitchens.

Launched in April 2019 the RZ94T-1 Ceramic Electric Cooktop is loaded with an extensive list of chef-friendly features such as a 9 stage power setting, residual heat indicators, and auto cooking functions, the cooktop is also incredibly sleek with its black tempered ceramic surface.

Like all Goldline stovetop products this model has a powerful triple cooking zone ideal for sizzle and simmer. It features four burners including a triple-zone and double cooking zone. The user has the option to use all 1 or 2 or 3 rings at once with the triple and twin cooking zone. All featuring Goldline’s famous power control to make sure you can create your perfect dish every time.

Made by a proud Australian brand, Goldline electric stovetops are powerful and yet integrally safe, the cooktop promises many moments of hassle-free delicious cooking with the right blend of sophistication and class for your kitchen.

The RZ94T model can be ordered through local The Good Guys or Harvey Norman stores.


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