The Goldline Story

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In 1990 I had a vision; to produce a cooktop that would cater for the growing interest in Stir Fry cooking here in Australia. This was the beginning of the Goldline story. We started with our GL3 models that combined a reinvented layout and two high powered wok burners to produce a cooktop completely different to anything that was offered on the Australian market.

Although we were in the early stages of our growth, we decided to explore the export market and so began a long association with the market in Hong Kong. As this market grew, new models were added and new clients sought us out. We began to supply a number of global European brands, keen to expand into Asia. By 1995 we were exporting to Hong Kong, Thailand, China, Malaysia, Singapore and as far afield as Mauritius. Our efforts were recognised with awards including the Telstra Victoria Business Award, the Victorian Governor Award and the HSBC Bank Export Award in Hong Kong.

While continuing to service the export market, we are investing in a new range of cooktops designed specifically for Australian
families. Cooktops that cater for the huge diversity of cooking styles. Whether it’s sizzling or simmering, we want to build the best performing and most practical cooktops possible. Cooktops made for real cooks.

From humble beginnings, our cooktop range has expanded to over 20 models. We are proud of our origins and what we have achieved and the fact that our cooktops are still built right here in Australia. It has been a great journey for us and we are grateful for the support from those families who have made the considered choice of Goldline. Happy cooking,

Wayne A’Vard
Managing Director


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