The Ultimate 5 Burner Gas Cooktop Guide


5 Burner Gas Cooktop

Several aspects must first come together to help create the perfect culinary experience.

Not only do you need to have a genuine passion for all things food, but also the skill that allows you to create perfectly-balanced recipes with incredible flavour. Additionally, you will need time and patience to transform raw ingredients into culinary masterpieces. However, there’s one part of the recipe that people often forget about, and that’s the cooktop. 

If your cooktop is limited in its functionality or performance, then you’ll never be able to achieve the perfect results when you cook your next steak or stir-fry those noodles. That’s why every kitchen must have within it the ultimate cooking station. 

A five-burner gas stovetop could provide you with the versatility and freedom you need to discover unique flavours, and come up with original recipes in the kitchen. 

What to Look for in a 5-Burner Cooktop

A gas cooktop is one of the most flexible kitchen appliances that you can have. These unique tools allow you to experiment with temperatures in a far more precise way than, say, electric cooktops or induction. Also, no other kind of cooking fuel is more effective than gas for creating custom dishes in as quick a time as possible. 

Because there are five cooktops to play with, you can create multiple components of the same meal at once, from vegetables and meats to sauces and reductions. At Goldline, we design cooktops that stand up to the rigorous demands of entertaining, without the excessive price tag. 

We know how to separate our superior cooktops from the other contenders in the market. Here are some crucial features that we think are essential to enhancing your cooking experience:

  • Powerful Burners: Our five-burner gas stoves come with access to the most powerful burners on the market, offering 14.6 MJ/KJ heat. With more power and control over your cooking, you can explore a broader and more complex range of meals. 
  • Movable Wok Ring and Dual-Control Wok Burner: Do you love fast, fresh and easy stir-fry meals? A detachable wok ring and a dual-control burner will give you the perfect blend of flavours and textures.
  • Unique Design: Just because you want the freedom of a five-burner cooktop, doesn’t mean you have unlimited space in your kitchen. Goldline cooktops are specially-designed for narrow spaces.  
  • Multiple Cooking Options: Aside from individual burners designed explicitly for woks, we also offer two boiler burners and two simmer burners, to help with different styles of cooking. 
  • Simplicity and Safety: The best cooktops are easy to use, featuring one-touch electric ignition, and a range of options. These options include mainline natural gas or LPG configurations. At Goldline, we also offer peace of mind with the inclusion of our flame failure devices in our gas cooktops. 

Finding the Ultimate Cooktop

Just like the perfect ingredients for that vegetable stir fry, or the perfect steak from that wonderful rib-eye you bought from your local butcher, your cooktop is an essential ingredient in any cooking experience.  An advanced cooktop with multiple burners will give you more control and power to work with when you’re feeling creative. 

What’s more, when you buy a cooktop from Goldline, you get something well-suited to your specific interior décor. Our cooktops come with a narrow design that fits any space and easy-to-clean glass construction. 

If you’re worried about safety in the kitchen, we can help there too. Our flame failure device will instantly cut the gas supply as soon as your flame extinguishes, reducing the risk of accidental fire damage.

Choosing the right cooktop is a personal and unique experience, and with Goldline, you can get all the freedom of choice that you need. We’re also on-hand to answer any questions you might have about our full range of products.

Discover the incredible performance of the GL5 range for yourself today with Goldline. 


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