What Everyone Needs To Know About Electric Cooktops & Your Health

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What Everyone Needs To Know About Electric Cooktops & Your Health

If you are considering switching to an electric cooktop, there are practical benefits as well as
health-related ones. Though some people may not realise it, gas cooktops can be harmful to
your health.

How are gas cooktops potentially harmful to your health? If you’re in a sensitive group, such as
someone with asthma, the impact of gas on air quality can be dangerous. In cases of long term
exposure, particulate matter can cause respiratory vulnerability.

Health Risks Associated with Gas

With COVID-19, any potential health hazards relating to the respiratory system are cause for
concern. A study by the UCLA Fielding School of Public health found that the particulate in air
pollution can make people more susceptible to becoming ill from COVID-19.

Similarly, particulate matter emitted from gas stoves is concerning for sensitive groups. Unlike
gas, electric cooktops don’t emit the same potentially harmful particulate matter. Chemicals
such as formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen dioxide can all be emitted from gas

Short Term & Long Term Solutions

On the other hand, there are virtually no health risks associated with electric cooktops.
The Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) sees range hoods as a potential short term solution for the
harmful emissions of gas.

Since range hoods extract particulate particles from the air, they can decrease the presence of
harmful chemicals. However, many Melburnians who have range hoods don’t use them
regularly. This, in part, is because they can be quite noisy and disruptive in the kitchen.
Another issue with range hoods is that they vary in their level of effectiveness. Some newer
ones extract higher levels of particulate than others. Proper ventilation helps, so if you do have
a gas cooktop, you should be sure to leave windows open.
In the end, the RMI states that electric cooktops are the best long-term solution for avoiding the
health hazards of using gas.

Making The Switch to Electric Cooktops

For more than 40 years, there has been a health case for transitioning to electric cooktops.
However, in older homes, this can be a significant investment. Also, both amateur and
professional chefs alike prefer cooking with gas.
This is where Goldline’s electric cooktops come in: they provide all the precision of gas without
the harmful effects of it. The 9 step power settings give you all the control to take you from
sizzle to simmer.

In addition to precision cooking, the continuous glass piece makes cleaning a breeze—no more
removing trivets and harsh scrubbing after a long night. You simply wipe down the surface with
a soft cloth and cream cleanser, and your cooktop is shining like new.
At Goldline, your family’s safety is our top priority. That’s why we have invested in child locking
technology which prevents accidental burns.

Please browse our range of narrow electric cooktops to see if it’s a good fit for your kitchen.
Whether you’re buying a new home, looking to upgrade your appliances, or remodelling your
kitchen, Goldline’s cooktops have you covered.

For more information, feel free to reach out to service@goldlinecorp.com.au.


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