What is a Pyrolytic Oven?

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What is a Pyrolytic Oven?

Read on to know all that you need to, before you invest in one!

No matter how passionate a cook one might be, oven cleaning is a chore that most would want to pass up on, if given a choice. After all, cleaning up splatters of fat, oil and grease from inside the oven requires a lot of effort, not to mention, expensive oven cleaning products!

But not anymore, if you get yourself a pyrolytic oven!

Pyrolytic ovens, also known as self-cleaning ovens, are a perfect option for those who do not look forward to cleaning up after meal prep. They work by literally burning away the food residue into ash, by heating up to extreme temperatures in the range of 400o – 500o C. These high temperatures succeed in heating up the baked-on leftovers, until they carbonize into ash, which can be easily wiped off once the oven cools down. So, there you have it – a clean oven with minimal human input! The entire process takes anywhere between 1-3 hours, depending on how dirty your oven is! And in case you are wondering how the oven itself survives this arduous procedure, it is due to a special inner coating that allows it to withstand high temperatures. It is no surprise then, that they are becoming increasingly preferred in busy households today.

What are the key benefits of pyrolytic ovens? 

Pyrolytic oven cleaning offers many benefits, over and above the sheer convenience of having the cleaning being taken care of! Here is what you can expect:

  1. Make cooking, and cleaning up easier. There is no need to spend hours cleaning up after meal prep!
  1. Free up your time & save on effort. We know you’d rather sit back and relax, right?
  1. Reduce your exposure to harsh oven cleaning chemicals – good for you and the environment too!
  1. Improve overall cooking performance, and maintain better hygiene too!
  1. Save on overall costs. While the pyrolytic function consumes higher energy, you only need to do it a few times a year – saving your spends on chemical cleaners and professional cleaning!

How does a pyrolytic oven work?

Pyrolysis refers to the thermochemical process of heating up of a material at very high temperatures, in the absence of oxygen. A pyrolytic oven makes use of the pyrolytic function to incinerate the food residues and remnants at temperatures as high as 500o C, converting it into ash. This complete process can last anywhere between 2-3 hours.

Once this cycle is complete, it is important to wait until the oven cools down completely, before you proceed to clean up the ash. You can use a damp cloth or a cleaning sponge to do so easily. Some pyrolytic ovens also offer a steam cleaning function, that can help to loosen any remaining food debris, and make cleaning a lot easier.

Are pyrolytic ovens safe?

Pyrolytic Ovens are generally quite safe, as long as you take care to follow all the instructions in the manual. They come with an inbuilt safety feature – the door gets automatically locked throughout the duration of the process, to help prevent accidents. Despite this, it is always a good idea to keep kids and pets away from an oven while it is cleaning itself. Over and above this, you should take care to ensure adequate ventilation during the pyrolytic cleaning process, so that the fumes do not stay in your kitchen. And lastly, always wear protective gloves while cleaning out the ash residue later on!

How much do pyrolytic ovens cost?

The convenience offered by pyrolytic ovens comes at a price, which can vary based on the brand, model, size and other specific features. Having said this, most pyrolytic ovens in Australia can cost between the range of $1,000 – $4,000.

While this can seem like a higher initial cost, it is also important to consider that a good pyrolytic oven can also save you money on other fronts – on expensive cleaning products, and costly professional cleaning services. Moreover, the improvement in cooking performance can also help you lower your energy bills over time.

Are pyrolytic ovens worth it?

The best part of having a pyrolytic oven is being able to spend minimal time or effort in cleaning it. These self-cleaning ovens can save you countless hours scrubbing off grease and grime, which is time you could use elsewhere, making it totally worth the higher initial investment as compared to regular electric ovens!

If you are looking to upgrade your oven, then a pyrolytic oven is definitely worth considering given its numerous advantages over traditional ovens. The best pyrolytic ovens in Australia offer a plethora of functions and cooking modes, over and above their self-cleaning advantage.

Goldline offers a 75-litre pyrolytic function oven with 15 functions, with a 2-year warranty to guarantee peace of mind. Feel free to visit our product page to request more information, or make an online purchase.



Question : What is the difference between a pyrolytic oven and a self-cleaning oven?

Answer : Pyrolytic oven is a type of self-cleaning oven, which uses the pyrolytic function to burn away the residual food and grease to ash, that can be easily wiped away. There are two other types of self-cleaning ovens, such as catalytic and steam. Catalytic ovens use enzyme-based liners within the oven and oxidation to absorb cooking grease, whereas steam cleaning ovens help to loosen food and grease residues, to make cleaning them easier.

Question: Are pyrolytic ovens safe?

Answer : While pyrolytic ovens are quite safe to use when one follows all the instructions listed in the manual, there are certain recommended safety precautions. Apart from keeping kids and pets away, it is also important to keep the room well-ventilated, and keeping any flammable materials at a distance before starting the pyrolytic function.


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