What Not to Do on a Flat Electric Cooktop

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Flat Electric Cooktop

There’s no denying that a flat electric cooktop is more stylish and modern than a traditional gas cooktop. However, an electric cooktop does require more care to avoid discolouring and scratching. 

If you’re seeking information about the best care and cleaning practices for your cooktop, this article is for you. We’ll cover proactive steps you can take to ensure you enjoy your cooktop for years to come. 

Let’s dive into the details. 

How to Avoid Damaging Your Cooktop 

There are many things you can do to preserve an electric cooktop. Whether it’s glass or ceramic, you’ll want to be careful not to damage it with these harmful practices. 

Don’t use cast iron cookware. 

Though you may be tempted to cook bacon in your favourite cast-iron skillet, it’s best not to use these on an electric cooktop. The bottoms can be abrasive, and any movement can leave a scratch on the surface. 

The same goes for unfinished ceramics or stone cookware that have rough bases. These types of pots and pans are best used as bakeware in the oven. 

Avoid pans with round-edge bottoms.

It’s better to use skillets that will sit flat on the cooktop. Pans with flat bottoms are better for heat distribution, and your food will cook more evenly. Additionally, rounded edges will be less stable and could cause spills or falls. The same principle applies to rounded stove griddles which may rock as you cook. 

Never use abrasive cleaners. 

To clean a flat electric cooktop, avoid metal pads or other abrasive materials. Instead, try using soft sponges or cloths that will clean without leaving a scratch. Also, use cream cleaners that are designed for ceramic or glass cooktops. 

Don’t drag heavy pots on the cooktop. 

Be mindful of the way you handle heavy pots on your electric cooker. You could crack or damage the surface if you drag the container from one burner to the other. Instead, always lift it carefully or use the digital touch control to adjust the temperature. 

Keep skillets & pots clean. 

It’s essential to clean your cookware after each use carefully. You may not realize it, but grease can build up on the bottom of the pan. Later, this can cause marks on the beautifully smooth surface of your electric cooktop. 

Don’t spill sugary substances. 

Do you enjoy making glazes for your baked goods? It’s best to proceed with caution when making sugary mixes on a glass cooktop. Spills can discolour the cooktop with yellowish areas. 

If you do spill a sugar mixture, be sure to clean those spills quickly. 

Don’t place utensils on a warm cooktop. 

Most of us are used to placing stirrers or spatulas on the surface of a cooktop. With a ceramic cooker, however, food remnants can mark or burn the surface. It’s better to place cooking utensils on the counter. 

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A Final Word 

Though a flat electric cooktop may require more care than a traditional gas one, the extra precautions are worth it. Electric cooktops give your kitchen a modern look that’s hard to match. 

Please browse the extensive electric cooktop selection on Goldline to find the perfect one for your kitchen. 

If you’d like more information, our representatives are available to answer any questions. 


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