What to Consider Before Buying an Induction Cooktop

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There’s a lot to consider before purchasing a new cooktop, especially if you’re considering switching from gas or electric to an induction cooktop in Australia.

Induction cooktops have gained a huge amount of popularity in recent years, but do they really live up to all the hype?

In this article, we’ll explore both the pros and cons of buying an induction cooktop.

Pros of an induction cooktop Australia

Faster heating times

One of the major features that get advertised with induction cooktops is that the heating element heats up faster than electric or gas cooktops. I speak from personal experience when I say, that is not true! Gas cooktops provide instant heat via an open flame.

Induction cooktops have cool cooking surfaces

One of the key differences between an induction cooktop and gas or electric cooktops is that only the pan gets hot, while the elements stay cool. This is thought to prevent burns and other heat-related accidents from occurring in your kitchen. But it’s worth noting that the pans and the food inside the pans will still be hot so there’s always a minor risk of scalding yourself.

Induction cooktops are safer than gas or electric

Unlike gas cooktops, where there is a risk that a dish towel may accidentally catch on fire, induction cooktops in Australia only heat items containing iron particles in them. This means that the risk of starting an accidental fire is much lower.

Cons of an induction cooktop in Australia

You’ll need special cookware for an induction cooktop in Australia

The most obvious con for an induction cooktop in Australia is the fact that you’ll need to fork out for special cookware to use with your induction. Induction cooktops are already more expensive than their gas or electric counterparts, so having to invest even more in special cookware is a bit of a drag. It is possible to use some stainless steel cookware on an induction cooktop, but the results just aren’t that great (again, I speak from personal experience!). 

It takes quite a while to get used to an induction cooktop in Australia

Induction cooking requires a bit of a learning curve. You’ll need to have the right-sized cookware placed in exactly the centre of the element for it to work properly. Flat bottomed pots and pans work best, so forget about using a wok on your induction cooktop in Australia. If you enjoy channelling Jamie Oliver in the kitchen and tend to remove your pan to give your food a bit of a shake every now and then, the heating element can shut off without warning. This factor can be particularly frustrating for a passionate home chef.

Is it worth buying an induction cooktop in Australia?

Call us biased, but we think that while induction cooktop has a sleek and modern look, you really can’t go past gas or electric cooking in Australia. If you’d like a sleek looking cooktop that’s as easy to clean as an induction, check out our electric cooktop. And if you’re thinking a gas cooktop might be more suitable for your kitchen, check out our range here.


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