What to Look For in a Gas Cooktop

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So what should you look for in a cheap gas cooktop? Installing a separate cooktop and wall oven has several distinct advantages over installing a range. First, you can mount the oven higher up in wall cabinets—eliminating the need to bend to retrieve a large roasting pan or a hot tray of cookies.

Besides, you also gain some layout flexibility in your kitchen—for example, if the appliances are added to a more extensive remodel, you can install a cooktop on an island rather than against a wall. What’s more, you can mix and match different cooktops and wall ovens for the most outstanding overall performance.

In this post, I’ll walk you through various factors to consider when purchasing the best cooktop.

1. Size

Because most cooktops are 30 or 36 inches wide, it is advisable to test models in these dimensions. The standing pilot maintains a constant flow of gas to keep the burner lit—consuming more energy than necessary.

On the other hand, electric ignition employs an electric current activated at the start of a heating cycle and does not need to run continuously.

As a result, electric ignition saves more fuel, but it may also exceed your budgetary constraints. Aside from the initial cost of purchasing an electric ignition stove, repairs and part replacements can be costly.

3. Trivets

On the stovetop, trivets or pans should be level and sturdy. Rubber feet are less prone to shift and will not damage the surface. However, trivets with small gaps allow you to move pans around the stove without raising them.

Most cooktops come with heavy cast iron trivets, but enamel trivets are considerably simpler to clean. Stainless steel trivets may easily discolour, so you need to avoid them whenever you can. Some cooktops have a trivet for each burner, so you won’t be able to slide pots around these cooktops, but they are considerably lighter to lift and will easily fit into your kitchen sink.

4. Surface

Spills should be easy to clean whenever they occur. Look for a surface that is simple to maintain and has few dirt traps. Some gas cooktops include a spill collection area and a partition between burners to keep spills contained, but others (especially those with a ceramic top) do not—so be sure to check this when purchasing a gas cooktop.

5. Material and Heat controls

Most standard gas stoves are composed of stainless steel to prevent corrosion in your kitchen’s humid climate. Gas stoves made of glass or fibre are available on the market and are also more brittle and require more care. Alternatively, you may use a material that can regulate stovetop warmth to avoid burn incidents.

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