What You Need to Consider When Looking For an Electric Benchtop Stove

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An electric benchtop stove is popular among many homeowners because of the many benefits they feature. For example, their flat surfaces are easy to clean and more stable for cooking pots, the control knobs for easy regulation, and keep your kitchen cooler.

Most cooktops come with flat reinforced glass surfaces, which can put up with the high temperatures. However, you need to be keen not to smash heavy cookpots on these surfaces.

But what should you check while buying your electric benchtop stove? This post will walk you through a couple of considerations you should keep tabs on when choosing an electric benchtop stove, so let’s get started.

What to Consider When Looking For an Electric Cooktop

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1. Size

The size should be your first consideration when purchasing a cooktop. The smallest cooktops feature the utmost two cooking areas and are about 30cm wide, whereas the largest models can accommodate up to four cooking zones and are around 90cm wide.

Before buying a new cooktop, you need to determine the available space in your kitchen to determine if your new benchtop will fit in. Cooktop sizes have changed with time, and you need to know the actual measurements available in the market.

2. Timer

An automatic timer is a critical feature in cooktops. The timer can serve different purposes depending on the model of your cooktop.

In ultra-model cooktops, the timer can allow you to program your cooktop to automatically switch off or reduce the cooking temperature at a specified time.

Our cooktops incorporate this feature to limit the chances of your food getting burnt. You can shop directly here and place your order.

3. Aesthetics

A cooktop can have an aesthetic effect on your kitchen by choosing one that matches the colour pattern and theme of your kitchen. For instance, your best cooktop pick is a stainless cooktop if your kitchen fittings are stainless.

Likewise, a gas cooktop would go well with a traditionally designed kitchen. At the same time, an electric stovetop would perfectly match with an ultra-modern kitchen, but feel free to match it with other kitchen appliances.

4. Efficiency and Safety

Most electric cooktops (for example, our narrow electric cooktops) are energy-efficient and can save up to 10 per cent more energy. Besides, they’re the safest and most advanced cooktops as they don’t heat the element’s surface, limiting the chances of burning incidences.

What’s more, they don’t emit heat into the room, hence ideal for people who have small kitchen space or live in hot areas. That said, our electric benchtops come with a sensitive heat indicator that turns red when your stove heat levels are slightly high.

5. Ease of Cleaning

Nothing annoys like a messed-up kitchen, with food spillage all over, and that’s why you need to look for an easy to clean electric benchtop.

A cooktop with a uniform glass surface is the most ideal in this situation—all you need is a moistened piece of cloth for gentle wiping.

Get Your Electric Stove Top at Goldline

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Our narrow electric cooktop has heat indicators that turn red when the stovetop is slightly hot, giving you peace of mind to focus on other chores. So don’t hesitate to place your order if you need high-quality electric benchtops.


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