White Stove Top Appliance Trend

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For many years, stainless steel appliances have been the standard in modern kitchens. However, now a new, exciting trend is taking hold: white kitchen appliances. 

In this blog, we’ll go over how to create the white kitchen look with a white stovetop among other appliances. We’ll also talk about different possible styles with wood and monochromatic accents. 

Figuring Out Your Kitchen Style 

The possibilities are endless when designing or remodelling your kitchen. These design possibilities are part of what makes incorporating new trends so exciting. 

Here are a few ideas to inspire you: 

If you’re going for a modern look, experiment with white appliances and wood cupboards. Goldline’s stainless steel four-burner cooktop with cast iron trivets blends perfectly with this look. 

Alternatively, you can pair raw, rustic wood cabinetry with a white gas on glass stovetop by Goldline. Pairing metals with white appliances creates a beautiful contrast that’s sure to make your kitchen stand out to guests. 

Lastly, set up a minimalist feel with a white stovetop with enamel trivets. All white appliances will create a monochromatic background. If you add a pop of colour such as an orange island, it will look stunning. 

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Goldline’s 4 Burner White Stove Tops 

If you’re looking for a sleek, durable four-burner gas cooktop, look no further than the Goldline range. Goldline manufacturers high-quality products that will last season after season. Our products are made by an Australian family for Australian families. 

Here are some of the benefits of the four-burner gas cooktop range: 

  • Advanced heat controls: these are powered by high power wok burners that combine beauty and practicality. 
  • Superior safety features: accidental kitchen fires are no longer a worry thanks to flame failure device (FFD) technology. FFD technology means the gas cuts off as soon as the flame goes out. 
  • High-quality materials: quality is our focus at Goldline. We manufacture our stovetops with the highest quality glass and stainless steel. 
  • Fully customizable: whether you’re looking for LPG or natural gas stovetops, we offer both. You can also choose from 60 cm and 90 cm cooktops. 

Incorporating a White Stove Top into the White Design Trend 

As you can see, Goldline’s white colour option in the four-burner line makes it easy to transition into the white appliance trend. No matter which looks you go for: modern, rustic, or minimalist, the white stovetop will be a vital part of that design. 

Aside from the crisp, modern look white appliances give to your kitchen, you can be sure that your Goldline appliances will be durable and safe. Our stovetops meet the rigorous ISO 9001:2015 safety standards. 

These are the perfect kitchen appliances if you’re looking for high-locally sourced stovetops from Australia. We strive to provide the ideal stove tops to be the companion for your dream kitchen. 

Browse our GL4 gas on glass and stainless steel gas cooktops to find one that fits with your kitchen. Once you have an idea of your desired appliance, please contact us for a free quote and information pack. 


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