Why more Australians are choosing to buy from Australian Manufacturers like Goldline

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Australian customers are proud of their home-grown businesses. 

At least, that’s what the latest studies prove. According to research from Roy Morgan, the percentage of consumers in Australia over the age of 14 that are more likely to buy products made in Australia has increased to 89.2%. 

While Aussies are happy to buy from countries like New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States too,  as well as Germany, Japan, and Canada, nothing compares to home-grown options. Interestingly, the Australian preference for locally-made products is particularly significant in product categories like food. Around 88.1% of shoppers say that they prefer to buy food made locally these days. 

It’s not just the taste of home that we appreciate either. Other sectors have seen massive increases too, with increased numbers of shoppers saying that they’re more likely to buy electrical goods, clothes, sporting goods and wine from their Australian manufacturers. 

Showing Our National Pride

The love between Australian citizens and their local businesses is staying strong, and we’re seeing the evidence of that ourselves here at Goldline. We’ve always been a dedicated local company for our customers, committed to bringing the best in cooking equipment to our Australian customers. Our clients love our attention-to-detail, and our local flair. 

Like many other brands, we’re seeing a love for home-made solutions here at Goldline that’s stronger than ever. In fact, the environment is healthier than it has been in years, with nine in every ten Australians saying that they’re more likely to purchase products made in Australia. 

For other businesses like Goldline to take advantage of this opportunity, all you need to do is shout your local status from the rooftops. Make sure that you let your people know that you’re a local business, with a focus on your community. 

Just make sure that you’re not misleading in anyway. We believe that part of delivering excellent service to our customers is making sure that we’re transparent about where our supplies come from, and you should take the same approach!

The Latest Label Guidelines

The newest labels in the food market are going to be particularly focused on ensuring that businesses are as transparent as possible about their Australian origins. Fortunately, that means great news for customers who want to ensure that they’re supporting local brands. 

The latest labels identify whether food products are made from zero, 25% or more ingredients found in Australia, as well as whether the produce was actually grown in Australia. There’s also a separate label available for products that are packaged in Australia too. 

Small businesses with excellent locally-made and sourced products to sell should definitely take advantage of this new labeling in their marketing. What’s more, consumers should be looking out for these labels too. If you want to celebrate your country, what better way than to support the local-made products that make it great? 


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