Why Regional Australia is Loving Goldline

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Goldline is one of the most popular cooktop brands in regional Australia today – and we’re here to tell you why that is. 

People love buying products that are Australian-made and owned. After all, what better way to know that you’re getting top-of-the-line products than to choose something that was made from members of your own community? Goldline has been committed to delivering stovetop solutions that Australians can be proud of since 1985. Our heritage and commitment to innovation have helped us to earn the attention and respect of our customers in locations all across Australia. 

Not only do we offer a local source of stovetop expertise, but we also provide the versatility that today’s households need. After all, not every Australian house has room for a traditional stovetop, that’s why we offer both standard and narrow bench designs, perfect for period homes in country towns, and modern apartments too. 

Solving All Your Stove Top Issues

Narrow kitchen benches aren’t the only issue that Australian homeowners need to overcome when choosing the ideal cooktop. You may also live in a location with no gas, which is why we offer stovetop solutions available in LPG. We also provide a cost-effective alternative to many of the other high-quality stove providers in the market – ensuring that you can get the functionality you need, for a cost that you can afford. 

Our customers are blown away by our unbeatable pricing, which is designed to make sure that every home can access the state-of-the-art cooking functionality that they need – no matter what their budget restrictions may be. Our passionate and pioneering mindset has helped us to create solutions that combine high-performance features with low costs so that you can get the best of both worlds. 

Easy to Cook and Easy to Clean

Here at Goldline, we know that Australians love to cook – but cleaning is a different matter. That’s why we designed our gas on glass products. Potentially the easiest to clean and maintain cooktop you’ll find on the market today; this stovetop ensures that you have plenty of time leftover today to focus on what you enjoy most – eating your delicious creations. 

What’s more, all of our amazing Goldline models come with access to a high-powered Wok burner so that you can get more experimental with your cooking. Whether you’re simmering delicious sauces or throwing together incredible stir-fry’s, we’ll help you to find your signature dish. Because our stovetops come with a flame failure device included, you can rest assured that your kitchen won’t end up bursting into flames due to a problem with your gas too. 

Goldline is committed to the Australian community in every way. As well as giving you a wide range of wonderful cooktops to choose from, we’re also doing our part by running various programs in schools around the country. Our team is passionate about giving back to the armed services community, and we frequently donate our proceeds to worthy causes. 


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